Freud rarely treated psychotic patients or psychoanalyzed people just from their writings, but he had a powerful and imaginative understanding. Seishin Shinkeigaku Zasshi. ;(9) [The Schreber case and Freudian dynamic psychopathology of psychoses]. [Article in Japanese]. Matsumoto. THE SCHREBER CASE. REVIEW OF LITERATURE. For the purpose of reviewing briefly the literature it is convenient to remember that Freud’s paper is divided.

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Many of the techniques recommended by Moritz Schreber were mirrored in Daniel Schreber’s psychotic experiences. From the Freudian dynamic viewpoint, we conclude that schizophrenia and endogenous mood disorders have the common pathway libidinal disturbance in their acute phase.

The Schreber Case by Sigmund Freud | : Books

InJudge Daniel Schreber, a highly intelligent and cultured man, produced a vivid account of his nervous illness dominated by the desire to become a woman, terrifying delusions about cqse doctor, and a belief in his own special relationship scheeber God. Though Schreber’s book was made famous because of its value as a psychological memoir, the reason Schreber wrote the book was not for reasons of psychology. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He himself was likely to have been psychotic, and died by his own hand at the age of 38 Niederland,a few weeks after being promoted to a judge Gerichtstrat.

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Daniel Paul Schreber

Similarly, many psychoanalysts found the same libidinal disturbance of these disorders. These expand upon a good deal of the material in the memoirs. God’s nerves and those of humanity existed parallel to one another except when the “Order of schrber World” was violated which constituted the fundamental premise of Schreber’s memoirs- in which the two universes experienced dangerous “nerve-contact” with each other.


Although Schreber became widely known as a paranoiac or schizophrenic patient after the publication of Freud’s paper insome psychiatrists who use the operational diagnostic system have regarded him as a case of depression or mood disorder.

Han Israels argued against the interpretations of Niederland and Schatzman, claiming that Schreber’s father had been unfairly criticized in the literature, in his book Schreber: Psychoanalytic Review, 76 Letter from Sigmund Freud to C. The findings of our literature review indicate that Freudian dynamic and economic perspective can shed a new schreeber on the endogenous psychoses.

Jun 24, 96 Pages Buy. Flechsig projection of his feelings towards brotherand then around God who represented Schreber’s father, Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber. Flechsig persecuted him and made direct attempts to murder his soul and change him into a woman he had what Freud thought to be emasculation hallucinations, which were in fact, according to Schreber’s words an “unmanning” entmannung experience.

The peculiar universe of Schreber’s was mediated by the activity of rays, which could assume a “pure” and “impure” relation; these rays could be controlled by Flechsig or emanated strictly from God, who sought to influence Schreber and his reality by “divine miracles”. Such knowledge may have been a necessity in his pursuit of shreber from the asylum.

Freud wrote to Jung in October, The rays had the freur for independent activity, though they were distinguished from zchreber and nerves generally identical which emanated from other human beings deceased or living. Seelenmord und Psychiatrie Zur Rehabilitierung Schrebers.


Similarly, the “freezing miracle” might mirror Fteud Schreber’s recommendation of placing the infant in a bath of ice cubes beginning at age three months. On the Paranoid Mechanism Postscript. Fundamentally, Freud saw neurosis and psychosis as two differing responses to the same kinds of problems.

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Another sister Klara also wrote several letters to the Sonnenstein County Asylum. Soul Murder and Psychiatry. First, Melanie Klein ought to be raised in connection with the Schreber case. Schreber’s purpose was expressed in its subtitle which was not translated as part of the English edition, but fully reproduced inside it: Daniel Paul Schreber German: Schreber died inin an asylum.

This site uses cookies. On Lothane’s account, the existing literature on Schreber as a rule 1 leaves substantial gaps in the historical records which careful archival research could in some measure fill; 2 leaves out psychoanalytically significant relationships, such as that between Schreber and his wife and 3 overstates the purportedly sadistic elements in Schreber’s father’s child-rearing techniques.

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Schreber, Freud, Flechsig, and Weber Revisited: