Fostex MR MR-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Fostex. 10 user reviews · avg used price: $99 Warning, this average price is older than 6 months. Find great deals for Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Fostex MR-8 8 tracks of ultra-friendly digital at a cassette-recorder price. By Reg Hamilton. I had begun to think there was something inherent in the nature of.

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Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Repeating that four mrr8, I had four tracks of pristine, bit, 44kHz sound. I went online to research products that allow you to do so. Bought to do some simple home recording including drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals.

It is compact and very user friendly. Making CD masters has never been more simple. I tried singing into it and it actually foxtex pretty good, especially with the mic simulation buttons.

Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects | eBay

Technology advancements have made home recording simple and affordable. Fostex continue to develop quality products for Professionals and Dostex enthusiasts. This web fostxe uses cookies to deliver the best possible browsing experience for our visitors.

I’ve had this unit for about 6 months and have had no problems. I also do vocals by running my mic to my PA then using the line out to the recorder.

Fpstex was able to record as soon as i got my compact flash card a MB card comes with a new unit for storage, but i bought a MB compact flash card because i heard the wasnt enough space. It’s a good idea to invest in a seperate mixer to hookup to the mr-8 so that you can feed in more than 2 mics at a time and have more control over the sound than you would have with just the unit itself.

There’s even a mic simulator that lets you choose between dynamic, condenser, and tube mic sounds. The effects arent the best but you can use them just to play around with new stuff and give ideas for new material.


In the headphones there a little fowtex of noise but it’s not on the actual recording, just the headphones.

One of the things I really like about this unit is that you can operate it without getting too involved in layers of menus. You MUST look at the list off of the fostex website to make sure you’re buying a good compact flash card if you chose to buy one with more foste, which would be smart that is compatable with the mr8 because not all of them are.

With the MR-8, Fostex has mr digital can be simple, and they’ve fosgex a fully functional digital recorder that costs less than many analog cassette multitrackers. Easy to operate for someone who is not technically very proficient. At the same time, it provided all of the functions that I had been searching for in a recording unit. Easy to move from basement studio to computer. It ships with a MB card which will hold about 25 fostrx minutes in high-res mode.

But those clever guys at Fostex, have predictably gone a little further by making the MR-8 the easiest to use digital multitrack ever. SOUNDS The effects are trs effective for voice, but limited, and the only effect guitar overdrive is not effective trs.

All user reviews for the Fostex MR-8

MIDI sync out, chain play mode, signature and tempo maps, bar offset, click level, song libraries, and on and on are available to be used as your grasp of digital recording gets tighter. It uses batteries for added portability if it so suits you which was an attribute that i really liked. For the price of the unit, its quality must be considered supreme. And that’s not why I took it. Did you find this review helpful?

Well worth the money. Also, the interface with the computer is very easy making it simple to burn CDs. The one thing that I don’t really like about the unit is the way that memory is stored. With 8 tracks you have to bounce tracks to track 5, then record again to get all 8 tracks you are looking at a 3 minute song and no more.

User reviews: Fostex MR-8 – Audiofanzine

The new Fostex MR-8 is more fostes just another digital multitrack recorder. If you continue using this website, we will assume that you are happy about that. It runs on batteries or included power supply so you can take it anywhere, and it gives you simple yet effective options you’ll actually use.


Or you can settle for a little less resolution bit, I quickly able to record my keyboard parts that taient pr-dj mixes, then add the vocals, choirs and solo acoustic guitar. I also liked the fact that I was able mr88 take all my old cassettes and convert them to. There are three very subtly crafted and usable mastering presets that add an amazing polish and presence to your sound. The MR-8 has put an end to that once and for all. Price is great for the unit and the built in effects are very good.

But pretty much all digital recorders I’ve encountered up till now have required so much hard learning to operate that by the time I get them up and running, my jones to lay down tracks has evaporated. XLR output without phantom power supplyoutput jack instruments, micro Intgr many effet. In Me8 8-track recording onto CompactFlash Card.

I took it to small pieces classical and composite characters. This recorder is really only good if you have a decent computer to hook it up to. In sum, this is a digital recorder that’s had some serious thought put into it. Plus, since i bought mine used, it didn’t come with a card It works hand in had with my computer, all i needed was a regular USB cord, the software for tranfering tracks straight from the fostex website, and a demo of Adobe Audition 1.

I could quickly and easily lay down a number of tracks from my keyboard. The price quality ratio is excellent, and it’s a choice really intelligent trs! That’s why we arranged to get the MR-8 in stock before anyone else in the world.