has a list of landing sites on the Ft Rucker cantonment area that are . G3 Air at during duty hours, or Fort Rucker SDO at / after. SCOPE AND RESPONSIBLIITIES. The ARTS Grading SOP applies to all Instructors conducting training and evaluations for non-rated and rated students. FORT RUCKER, ALABAMA Fort Rucker Regulation . The Fort Rucker local flight rules are published in Fort Rucker Reg

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Controllers may be reclassified for cause at any time after graduation from ATC school provided the standards in the service regulations are met.

Snow removed from the airfield must be placed at a safe distance so as not to create snow berms that interfere or impede aircraft operations on runways, taxiways, dort aprons or which violate airfield and airspace criteria.

Minimum areas to be inspected are contained in the sample checklist in appendix C. Provide management direction and control over those ATC program activities assigned or delegated to other. Fory oversight for designated and assigned airspace to ensure that it is efficiently used in accordance with Army policy.

Objections to proposals submitted by other airspace users will be submitted as follows:. The airfield division chief must develop an annual airfield inspection checklist. Extended use can vary in the amount of access authorized to civil aircraft.

Chapter 11 Air Traffic and Airspace Program, page Timely commencement of snow and ice control operations. Feeder position primary VHF or. Army issues requiring coordination with the FAA and other agencies. Failure to turn in records may result in no accumulation of flight time and loss of flight time Fly at least one emergency procedures training period l. Submit facility requests in accordance with paragraph 2— Establishment of Army air traffic control service.


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AR Air Traffic Control, Airfield/Heliport, And Airspace Operations

Weather reports and approved altimeter setting information will be available for destination airfields when instrument approach minimums are established see FAAO Medical standards for air traffic control personnel.

Includes Active Army or Reserve personnel entitled to retired pay. Removal will be accomplished in a manner that will minimize additional damage to fprt aircraft. Published by Kailey Wix Modified over 3 years ago.

Wildlife hazard management plan. Name of the insured person or company.

Sustainable Fort Rucker

All ATC equipment maintenance personnel, including maintenance chiefs, maintenance supervisors, and examiners, working in or assigned to an Army ATC facility fixed-base or tactical will be certified Federal personnel or verified non-Federal personnel on fortt ATC equipment assigned to the installation facility or military unit.

Army ATC towers are not considered permissible deviations and should be sited to conform to airfield and airspace criteria in UFC 3——01, Chapters 3 and 4.

Army Engineer Research and Development Center will conduct structural evaluations. Army Air Traffic Control.

If yes, list any circling area restrictions. A temporary condition is not considered in procedures development. For revocation of certification authority, forward the request for revocation through command channels to the Commander, ATSCOM when the technician—. Emergency manning level represents the minimum number of facility-rated and position-qualified controllers necessary to support the mission for limited periods.


Have the same processing time requirements as cited in paragraph 11— Responsibility for scheduling and funding AO surveys at joint use facilities will be specified in appropriate joint use agreements. Minimum aircraft liability coverage requirements for privately owned business or commercial aircraft including passengers. Utilization records will be maintained per paragraph 12— Army have a need for a prohibited area.

Non-aviation use may damage the facility. Other forms of hold harmless agreements are not acceptable and are grounds for denial of use.

Tactical qualifications must be completed within 90 days. Provides air traffic approach, arrival control, and departure control services in accordance with established Army and FAA guidance. This is in addition to any pre-tuned back-up radios. Air traffic control maintenance.

USAAWC Regulation 95-1 and Fort Rucker Regulation 95-1

ATC equipment maintenance examiners will administer theory and performance examinations, maintain ATC equipment maintenance certification records and must possess the ability to certify ATC equipment for which they are responsible.

Actions that saved lives or property will be considered first. Commencement of joint use operations. These are ruxker for which the FAA issues, amends, or repeals rules, regulations, or orders designating airspace and airspace use.