spacer (ITS), nuclear ribosomal DNA, Phoradendron, phylogeny, Viscaceae, 26S . nuevas de la familia Loranthaceae del centro de Mexico. Cact. Sue. Mex. Buy Flora del Bajío y de Regiones Adyacentes, Volume Familia Viscaceae: NHBS – Jerzy Rzedowski and Graciela Calderon de Rzedowski, Instituto de. Plantclef – specimens – Taxonomy – Viscaceae Batsch. Plantclef /; cay /; specimens /; Taxonomy /; Viscaceae Batsch. specimens · image-url · localisation .

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Contudo, nossos dados demonstraram que G.

Flora Iberica. Vascular plants of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands

With the exception of O. Seed fate in a tropical mistletoe: Contribution by possums to seed rain and subsequent seed germination in successional vegetation, Canterbury, New Zealand. Seasonal variation in the diet of the Brazilian slender opossum Marmosops paulensis in a montane Atlantic Forest area, southeastern Brazil.

Journal of Zoology Herbivores and the number of tree species in tropical forests. Nossos dados mostraram que, de forma geral, as sementes dos frutos consumidos por G. About this book Customer reviews Related titles.

Benton Richard Fortey View All. Metabolic, ventilatory and hygric physiology of the gracile mouse opossum Gracilinanus agilis. Spatial distribution of eastern mistletoe phoradendron leucarpum, viscaceae in an urban environment.

Nossos dados indicaram que G. Os nossos objetivos foram: Early consequences of seed dispersal for a Neotropical tree Virola surinamensis. Effect of seed passage through vertebrate frugivores’ guts on germination: Canadian Journal of Zoology Ecology of small mammals in a gallery forest of central Brazil.


Viscaceae – definition of Viscaceae by The Free Dictionary

Journal of Tropical Ecology Comparative lengths of digestive tracts of seven didelphid marsupials Mammalia in relation to diet. Didelphidae in a Brazilian cerrado reserve. Pollen profile of propolis produced on the eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert in Central Sonora, Mexico. Journal of Tropical Ecology 8: Chicago, The University of Chicago Press. Post-dispersal predation and scatter-hoarding of Dipteryx panamensis Papilionaceae seeds by rodents in Panama.

Both females and males increased their fruit consumption in the dry season, but in the rainy season females had more seeds than males in their faeces. Potential seed dispersal by Didelphis albiventris Marsupialia, Didelphidae in highly disturbed environment. Frugivory and potential seed dispersal by the marsupial Gracilinanus agilis Didelphidae: References in periodicals archive?

Old World evergreen shrubs parasitic on many trees including oaks but especially apple trees, poplars, aspens and cottonwoods genus PhoradendronPhoradendron – any of various American parasitic plants similar to Old World mistletoe: Coastal Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest. Londrina, Imprensa da UEL. Published six times a year, British Wildlife bridges the gap between popular writing and scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, book reviews and letters.

Familia: Viscaceae

Seed dispersal of the palm Attalea oleifera in a remmant of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Seed dispersal of Cecropia obtusifolia by two species of opossums in the selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico.


Some observations on the fruit set and incidence of mistletoes on rubber trees in Nigeria. As sementes de Miconia spp. Host specificity and seed dispersal of Psittacanthus robustus Loranthaceae in south-east Brazil.

Viscaceae – definition of Viscaceae by The Free Dictionary https: British Viscacdae is the leading natural history magazine in the UK, providing essential reading for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists.

O presente estudo aparentemente representa o primeiro registro de um marsupial se alimentado da erva-de-passarinho P.

Rodents as seed consumers and dispersers. Diet and seed dispersal by five marsupials Didelphimorphia: Acta Botanica Brasilica Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology Fruit laxatives and seed passage rates in frugivores: En tiempos mas recientes, a su vez, se ha propuesto la ubicacion de Viscaceae como parte de Santalaceae en sentido mas amplio.

Keep up-to-date with NHBS products, news and offers. Later during this season, we observed a higher number of Miconia seeds defecated by reproductive females