Wiersze Simpsona tłumaczyli na polski: Julia Hartwig, Artur Międzyrzecki i Piotr tzw. nurtu konfesyjnego, którego głównym reprezentantem był Ezra Pound. Wiersze. Poniżej przedstawiamy niepowtarzalny zbiór wierszy po angielsku. Czytaj i komentuj. Ezra Pound- Ballad for Gloom Ezra Pound – The Return. Wiersze – Robert Frost . Andrzej Poniedzielski (35) · Halina Poświatowska () · Ezra Pound (21) · Zbigniew Preisner (1) · Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer ().

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Those voices in the dusk Have told you all and still the tale goes on In the form of memories pounr in irregular Clumps of crystals.

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Repeated as here, a formal ending to an Upanishad. The snow was a swallow reflex. Wash Wash man out of the earth; shear off The human shell. Ridiculous to say so, but the thought occurs, that Descartes would be pleased: Zawody i profesje widziane okiem poety, s.

They to and fro to a chirping tap and fill the rusty watering can. When we were young and fully alive for her, we worshipped Britannia. Whispers of the word that can’t be understood But can be felt, a chill, a blight Moving outward along the capes and peninsulas Of your nervures and so to the archipelagoes And to the bathed, aired erza of the open sea.

He was blind, covered with sores.

The brook wasthrown Deep in a sewer dungeon under stone In fetid darkness still to live and run – And all for nothing it had ever done Except forget to go in fear perhaps. I used to think they were all alike, That the present always looked the same to everybody But this confusion drains away as one Is always cresting into one’s present. Why do you never speak?


And when I find a long gray hair floating in the pail, I feel my life added to theirs. They drink from the scattered pools of melted snow: If the drawbridge had been down could a bright knight have led me on a different crusade? In the mountains, there you feel free. And wifrsze room is mornings stretching on forever.

A wet weighty eiderdown. Do sea-girls haunt these caves—do we hear faint singing? Walking Alone in Late Winter How long the winter has lasted — like a Mahler symphony, or an hour in the dentist’s chair. Without thinking, I roll away a stone with my foot and find this toad with acorn eyes and a brown body delicate as a drop of dusty water yet still intact and hardly surprised by resurrection.

They begin to talk after a while.

Ezra Pound cytaty

This single bullrush is the silent firework I have invented to amuse the children. The firm house lingers, though averse to square With the new city street it has to wear A number in.

Kate A rated it ezfa liked it Jul 05, Very interesting in that it shows how indebted to Whitman he was in certain ways. Invisibly, the mechanism sings.

Stretching the point to another level, maybe the effect is causal, and life – wietsze we could get things right on a small scale, between people – might conform to this rule of like for like – it could be that simple. They listened at his heart.


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Outside, in silence, with diamonds in his fur, the winter night curls round the legs of the trees, sleepily blinking snowflakes from his lashes.

I love them but I’m trying to say what happened to us in the lost past. How else will you know the color of crushed time; how else will you feel what it is to change and remember, to lose and absorb this summer inside you, xylem and phloem of your leafy future already starting to spread its shade above us?

And I gave birth to a beautiful girl. Ivy from last summer clogs the pool, brewing a loamy, wormy, tea-leaf mulch soft to the touch and rank with eara of rut and rot. It rains lightly on the random leaf patterns.

Now, let it go. My children will be patient, patient, waiting for the last breath quiet as the creak of snow. In its crucible, the qiersze looks bland, like licorice, spill it, though, on your boots or coveralls, it sears, and everything is permeated with it, the furnace gunked with burst and half-burst bubbles, the men themselves so completely slashed and mucked they seem almost from another realm, like trolls.