EXFO’s AXS Handheld OTDR series covers the whole range of short-haul OTDR test The AXS All-Fiber OTDR combines singlemode and multimode . Search among more than user manuals and view them online EXFO’s AXS does not interfere with the CO’s laser transmitters, as it uses. otherwise, without the prior written permission of EXFO Electro-Optical. Engineering Inc. Use the following general instructions to navigate through the AXS/ menus and Specify a value between 0 and dBrnC if the ANSI.

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Some other is specific to the current wavelength job ID, customer and comments. Select pulse as follows: Page Index Summary pane For manua information on storage settings, see Setting Storage Parameters on page Troubleshooting Solving Common Problems Problem Possible Cause Solution Light reaches power meter Ensure protective caps are During offset nulling, you tightly screwed on power get the following message: On the unit keypad, press the?

The unit will determine the more appropriate wavelength singlemode or multimode, depending on your test configuration. Other parameters are predefined.

EXFO is not responsible for damage or errors caused by bad fiber cleaning or handling. If you select the Bellcore. You can enter a remote host address. This signal can be continuous the default or blinking 1 Hz.


You enable or disable this feature for all wavelengths at a time. We hope to earn your business. Page Maintenance Replacing Batteries Replacing Batteries As soon as you remove the battery compartment door, the unit will turn itself off. From the General pane, use the arrows to select Default, and then press Enter to confirm. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? The list of drives and folders should include the memory drive Removable Disk. To compensate for this offset, the unit is equipped with an offset nulling function.


To perform a trace route test: Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist with your test equipment needs. By default, the grid is displayed. Reflectance and loss values appear in white on a red background when they exceed the defined thresholds.

AXS System Disk

By default, images are saved in. Clean the connectors properly see Cleaning and Connecting Optical Fibers on page Find the folder or disk: The signal strength is measured for specific intervals of time and is used to characterize events. However, we accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions, and we reserve the right to modify design, characteristics and products at any time without obligation.

However, compliance verification tests are systematically performed on most EXFO equipment. Remove the protective cap and adapter FOA from the mwnual. Select the file or folder as follows: Correct Issue Close Wizard. Joining mismatched connectors will damage the ferrules. WARNING Use of controls, adjustments and procedures for operation and maintenance other than those specified herein manjal result in hazardous radiation exposure or axx-110 the protection provided by this unit.

After saving a file, the unit prepares the next file name by incrementing the suffix. Connect a launch fiber between the device under test and the OTDR port. Do not proceed unless you understand and wxs-110 the required conditions. Visual Fault Locator Ideal for easily identifying macrobend, bad splices or bad connectors.


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Turn Pull Push 2. Select range as follows: When you perform tests with your unit, you connect a launch fiber between your unit and the fiber under test. Select the test mode as follows: It is potentially harmful in direct intrabeam viewing. You can also return to the original graph scale.

manuap The power meter port is independent of the OTDR port s. Activate the source at the desired wavelength. You can define thresholds to specify acceptable values in dB for splice loss, connector loss, reflectance, span loss and span ORL, and this, for each wavelength. Validity of specifications depends on operating conditions. Being careful manuak to touch the soft end of the swab, moisten a cleaning tip with only one drop of isopropyl alcohol. When you define the length of the launch fiber, the application sets the fiber span start at the beginning of the fiber under test.

Detected events are ezfo if they cover more than one point on the trace. Support personnel will determine if the equipment requires service, repair, or calibration. It also displays the length of the fiber under test. To print test results: