Eucheuma , Orig. name Gigartina isiforme () Endlicher , Variety Eucheuma isiforme var. denudatum , The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiforme harvested from the Nicaraguan. The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiformeharvested from the Nicaraguan coast were .

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Nomenclatural notes Doty However, the largest volume of alkali-treated Eucheuma is in pet foods where it is used as a powdered, granulated or hydrated gel component in the various formulations. During a successive favorable growth period these old gnarled segments may produce hosts of new branches quickly. Information based on morphological characteristicsDNA fingerprintingand growth performance during different crop seasons isiformf used to facilitate Eucheuma crop management, for which high-growth species are used for seed stocks, mostly from the Philippines.

Temperature acclimation in cultured Eucheuma isiforme from Isidorme and E. These three species of the genus are almost entirely restricted to the same brightly lit waters Figure 4 in which coral reefs form.

World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway. Thus the size at which harvesting would best take place, the mature size, is different in different places, though the strain and agronomic treatments may otherwise be the same.

Most farms are probably near one tenth of a hectare or far less than a hectare in ekcheuma. The greatest depth recorded is that of Weber-van Bosse26 fathoms.

However, a usual range Table 4 of 15 to 30 tons per hectare per year is recognized. Eucheuma is now being commercially produced in the far western Pacific.


Eucheuma isiforme () :: Algaebase

Near preexisting meristoderm or axial tissue, one or more cellular lumps may appear on the new cortical layer and differentiate a central tuft of apical cells and, then, a new branch.

The second type of similarly arriving micrograzer that becomes a macro-organism is exemplified by synaptid holothurians. AlvarezStatus, problems, advances and economics of Eucheuma farms.

In Handbook of water soluble gums and resins. Aspegren specimen in Lund No. The Lectotype is the specimen in the Linnaean Herbarium as and illustrated by Turner as Figure “a” of his Plate Yields as high as 74 spinosum to cottonii dry tons per hectare per year have been verbally reported. Rain washes off salt and small organic solubles and causes bleaching. A desirable mouth feel is sometimes obtained by adding a carrageenan.

Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. Wound healing from breakage or abrasion, e.

Eucheuma isiforme

Basically it is a multiaxial filamentous red algal genus which becomes strongly pseudoparenchymatous. Each of the four vertices of the tetrahedral figure represents respectively one of the four classes of physical environmental elements.

Monographias Biologicas Marinas, 37 p. Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposium The anticipated micro-forms persisting during the off-season are not known See Section 3. Mature gelatinae branches are apically flat, somewhat flexible, have marginal teeth and arise from a cushion of strongly compressed branches. The buying eucheumw, like the farm buildings, are isifodme on posts driven into the reef flat surface so as to endure storm winds isfiorme waves.

The contumacy of the species of red algae for the above described triphasic life history is well known to those who have sought it. Unless farm site selection has provided these four conditions suitably, and favorable tidal and bottom relationships as well, farm productivity is not satisfactory.


That Linnaeus in sought to substitute Fucus spinosus for Burman’s name, which has been used as E. Russell has provided an often perceptive and quantitative study of this and related non-Siganid fish grazing phenomena. The extracted carrageenans provide stabilization and quality to the products wucheuma which they are combined. This merchant is often the de facto local government insofar as the harvesters are concerned. The lower growth rates reported e.

Eucheuma isiforme – Wikispecies

Collect1 1 4: Taxonomy and ecology of Eucheuma arnoldii. Also tides may exert an influence on productivity through light intensity and water motion control. The more sophisticated drying is on slatted bamboo decks surrounding farm houses erected at the farm sites. Cottonii thalli exposed to air tend to form “heads,” or become prostrate and dorsiventrally flattened. Such losses in weight and color increase the value of the crop, but this is at the farmer’s expense, unless the greater effort and loss of weight bring a compensatory higher first sale price.

Only gelatinae tolerates direct wave action. The activities of Protoreaster have been described Eucheumz in regards its microalgal herbivory. Furthermore, since the tides are not governed by calendar or solar isiorme, but vary in lunar month siderial time cycles, the formal employment conventional to the developed world is hardly appropriate.

A nearly ten-fold decrease in wild crop density, seemingly related to over-harvesting, appears to have taken place Table 3 in Doty at least at one time in the Sulu Sea area. Inducing regeneration Section 4.