Download AMETank software here! NISTM 11th Annual National Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show in Galveston, Texas, ILTA 38th Annual. TANK is a comprehensive, easy-to-use software package for the design, analysis and evaluation of oil storage tanks. It provides users with quick and accurate. Please share Etank or Coade Tank software with key!.

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For additional information on TANK, sign up for a demo today. Design calculations conform to API The program also provides several standard units files, which if not sufficient, can be used to generate other, custom units files.

etank software? – Storage tank engineering – Eng-Tips

We therefore employ the highest level of security for online transactions and accept all major credit cards as well as various options to purchase such as electronic fund transfer EFT or bank draft. The TANK program also plots a section view of the roof, with all pertinent parameters available. A material data base editor is provided so the software can address additional materials not included in the code.

The program includes on-line help for every screen. Interactive Report Review Once a job has been analyzed, the solution results are available for review at any time.

For example, warning messages are generated when shell course heights are defined less than six feet, or nozzle analysis is requested eyank tanks with diameters less than one hundred twenty feet.

These diagrams can be plotted by TANK.

The chemical data was updated with missing CAS numbers. TANK is oil storage tank design software with the following capabilities: Please see the “Errors and fixes” table below.


In addition, Version 1. Evaluation Using t1 and t2 – Further analysis refinements are possible by specifying both t1 and t2 for each tank course. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.

API is discussed below. It also has the following features:. Detailed assembly and components fabrication drawings for all substructures, appurtenances, ladders, platforms, stairs, and any other subsystems are supported.

TANK saves time by letting users select material information automatically from its extensive built-in material databases. Features of TANK include the following: Inspection services include a large array of NDE technologies including ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, visual, magnetic flux leakage, and vacuum box testing. TANK makes it easy to design, analyze, and evaluate oil storage tanks.

We are anticipating that additional problems will arise as PCs switch to the other operating systems. AMETank supports a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface. This segregation ensures that user-defined materials are not lost when program upgrades are installed. It helps piping designers and engineers design safe connecting systems by determining accurate nozzle flexibilities. Many users are able to share tank databases via LAN connections to increase the utility of the program.

TANKS does not run. API has changed the way that pressure, wind, and seismic overturning and uplift are evalatuated with each edition.

I don’t think that either does external nozzle loads yet under Appendix P. Learn more about TANK – the oil storage tank analysis and design software that helps ensure new tanks and existing ones are built with safety in mind.

Sofware user interface presents only what sogtware needed at each point of information gathering. This table is available to the TANK user in the help text. Individual Course Values of “L” and “E” – For tanks that may need closer evaluations, the TANK program provides the ability to specify a joint efficiency on a per course bases.


I don’t know the current state of things, but I recall in the past seeing that certain egank was running about 6 months behind API in making changes to the standard, so that would be another issue to question.

Users are encouraged to suggest improvements that would help their day-to-day usage of the software. Tank calibration and generation of softwafe tables is available.

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It’s easy to join and it’s free. Decisions made early in the design process greatly affect the longevity, etxnk, and safety of oil storage tanks. For years, our customers have saved time with our advanced analysis tools. TANK also provides control options for everything from calculations to screen colors, allowing the customization of the TANK environment on a directory basis. When this data is specified, additional output tables are produced to show allowed fluid heights, remaining corrosion, and retiring thickensses.

Integrated Error Checking The TANK program includes an integrated error checker, which is automatically run following the completion of the input specification. Purchase Online We have a number of purchase options available in our store.

Should you like to download a demo of this software, it is available by clicking the link below. There are revised deck fitting loss factors in the update to section 7. Each menu option provides “help” for assistance whenever necessary.