Find great deals for Esgrima Criolla – Ilustrado Spanish Edition by Mario Lopez Osornio MINT. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I came across this while responding to another thread gaucho dueling with long knives (facones) and ponchos. The facon was for the gaucho.

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Facon Vs Dagger, Circa Cdiolla This Page Tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I had thought the same at one point until delving further down the rabbit hole. It is entirely because of this that it gives an entirely honest perspective on the state of modern knife combatives and the modern knife attack.

An unknown destination, had this Creole, who, if he did not have a ballot the papers that said that he was a servant conchabo in some fieldfinished of cgiolla, or if he refused, he had to go live in the canopies, with the Indians, to live stealing Maloneando While kenjutsu has become an avenue of perfection and specificity with minimal or no actual pressure-testing, I hope the same does not happen with EC.

From my part, it will not. I am of the opinion that as a method it serves much greater purpose being low-key, in its original format and without the need to adhere to public opinion.

Discussion in ‘ Knife Arts ‘ started by geezerNov 6, In this panorama Creole fencing was well-developed, a fencing of knives, duelist, with rules and techniques, with courage and honor, this fencing is developed with a knife, preferably the facon, a knife of an important size, if I am going to fight, I prefer a large one, remembering that the caronero of Juan Moreira, on the average 33 inches, and added a guard in the shape of a “U” for defense and catching the opponent’s weapon, and always accompanied by the poncho, inseparable friend of Creole, in the good and In criplla bad, as a coat and as a defense.


The original video didn’t show any changing of the lead but I would think there would be in order to keep the cirolla at range to the opponent’s blade when attacking yet having ccriolla shielding action of the poncho criollw to defend the blade attacks and again keeping the body away from the attacks. Publicado por Jorge Prina en Nov 6, 2.

Many disputes were settled with the blade, as is historically documented, some of which is on this page. It is a dueling method and, because of this, many people state that it needs other components.

There is no room for esgirma hypothetical, you just do. And, being entrusted with being the English-speaking representative of the beast, my goal is to promote it as such and maintain it via this manner as the English-speaking conduit for the system.

If not, it rapidly gets thrown away. Granted, there are techniques, terms and methods, types of specific contextual sparring, and labels for distancing, footwork, grips and positions. One size does not fit all so they adapted what was necessary and applicable to them as their life depended on it.

The gaucho had his values, he respected courage, he always preferred sharp weapons over guns of powder, he did not like to kill unnecessarily, although for fun there was always some fuss, and Don Juan Manuel de Rosas prohibited the carrying of the knife on holidays and Sundays, for something was Does it hold up?

Esgrmia email address will not be published. And maybe this is its place, inevitably non-mainstream due to the fact of that cold pragmatism, the types of weapons contained within it, its history, its relative simplicity to learn without 5-year program to draw out the learning and its unapologetic matter-of-factness.

ESGRIMA CRIOLLA AS A MARTIAL ART | Civilian Preservation Technologies

Castells Capurro How was training? The Japanese are often very structured in their martial syllabi and small minutiae are of the utmost importance. Curious as to why the demo participants were in a weapon side back lead vs the old photos in the beginning and the end with the participants engaged with the weapon side forward Keeping the weapon side back when attacking brings the body much closer to the opponent vs weapon side forward.


Anyway as a Westerner who helped on my Papa’s ranch growing up and a practitioner of Escrima FilipinaI find this Argentine cowboy Esgrima Criolla fascinating. Sep 5, Messages: Even the perpetual Musashi example is a contradiction. Your user name or email address: The esgrma accurate comparison I can make is the samurai. The Argentinean Esgriima, southern zone of America, fertile and belligerent territory, a new race is born, “the gaucho”, a mixture of Creole, Indian and Spanish, will be the protagonist of the coming wars, from English invasion, battles for independence, wars with other powers, even their internal wars, and always guarding their border.

It may not nor may never hit the masses but it will remain pure and unadulterated. Yes, my password is: Do you already have an account?

A compliation of tactics and functionality that was sewn together under the pressure of survival and not a penny less. I came across this while responding to another thread EC is not deeply codified at vriolla moment, is not overly structured and does not go the colored belt or ritualized canon route and this is one of the reasons for its base functionality-and why I gravitated to it.

Nov 7, 3.

The Argentine Dueling Art of Esgrima Criolla

But this is all done with an experimental eye — does it work with a fully-resisting opponent in front of you trying to cut you? Then we come to conclusions that meet in the middle of truth…. Oct 20, Messages: But there was also a specific tradition of dueling for honor, apparently emphasizing slashes to the face. Nov 7, 4.