Tests were made of the effect of several variables on the performance of the Eppley pyrheliometer. The tests showed: (1) How the output increased with. Find out information about Eppley pyrheliometer. A pyrheliometer of the thermoelectric type; radiation is allowed to fall on two concentric silver rings, the outer. An Eppley Normal Incident Pyrheliometer (NIP) is calibrated against an Eppley Hickey-Frieden Absolute. Cavity Radiometer under a variety of environmental.

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One ring is coated with magnesium oxide; to the underside of this the electrically insulated cold junctions are attached in close thermal contact.

Attachments are provided so that measurements of direct and diffuse solar radiation may be obtained. Info as printed on the plate: The derived value of the constant for the instrument is 6. The thermocouples are purheliometer 90 – 10 percent and gold palladium 60 – 40 percent and the thermopile comprises several thermocouples.

Eppley Pyrheliometer – ExoDictionary

The receivers are concentric flat metal rings exposed in purheliometer common plane; the rings are thermally insulated from each other and from the mounting. The overall response of the instrument to solar radiation is an e.


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The similarity of the receivers with regard to absorption of long wave radiation tends to minimize the effect of any long wave radiation as from the glass cover which may fall on the receivers. You can improve Exodictionary pyrhekiometer cleaning up the page markup and verifying that the definition is correct and then removing this tag. You can improve Exodictionary by removing inappropriate categories and then removing this tag. The other ring is coated with lampblack; the hot junctions are similarly attached to its undersurface.

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Eppley pyrheliometer | instrument |

This autostub has not yet had its initial copyediting proof and may contain significant formatting and epp,ey factual errors. Weather Bureau for station use.

Eppley is eppleg making radiation measuring equipment, although they no longer look like this one: Eppley Pyrheliometer Serial No. This autostub has not yet had its initial categorization proof and may be categorized incorrectly.

Lampblack has good absorption in both wavelength intervals, and due to its greater absorption of the solar wavelengths its equilibrium temperature on exposure to solar radiation is higher than that of the magnesium oxide. Retrieved from ” http: Radiation is allowed to fall on two concentric silver rings, the outer covered with magnesium oxide and the inner covered with lampblack.


Canada Department eppleu Transport Meteorological Branch Pyrhelimeter is still making radiation measuring equipment, although they no longer look like this one: The magnesium oxide has a high reflectivity for radiation in the solar wavelengths and is a good absorber and emitter in the longer wavelenghts, making for a low equilibrium temperature on exposure to solar radiation.

The bulb contains dry air. The Eppley pyrheliometer consists of a thermopile mounted under receivers inside a clear glass spherical bulb about 3 inches in diameter.

Eppley pyrheliometer

Interwiki Lunarpedia Marspedia Exoplatz Scientifiction. A system of thermocouples thermopile is used to measure the temperature difference between the rings.

Canada Department of Transport Meteorological Branch. This instrument has been adopted by the U.

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