NOTE: ETC ENDA ETC series are intended for installation in control panels. Make sure that the device is used only for intended purpose. The shielding. Thank you for choosing ENDA EPC profile controller. * Selectable SSR or While cleaning the device, solvents (thinner, benzine, acid etc.) or corrosive. Double set point. Selectable sensor type (Pt, J, K, L, T, S, R). PID control function with accurate self-tuning. Digital inputs can be assigned to 3 different.

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When 2 wired Pt is used, terminals that are shown at the right of there must be short circuited for each product. IP65 Rated population degree Rear panel: Using this parameter the energy requirements of the system is adjusted at the set point. All input and output lines that are not connected to the supply network must be laid out as shielded and twisted cables. If self tune is achieved A. When PID parameters are Filter for display value.

Enda ETC Series PID Temperature Controllers Panel Mount

If 0 is selected, soft start feature will be enable and the device reaches set point value quickly. Then, the value is adjusted by using PV A1. If deviation alarm is selected, A1.

If this parameter is set to 0, the output power becomes 0 at the set point. If no key is pressed within 20 seconds during programming mode, the data is stored automatically and the run mode is entered. The normal value is 0. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


Process value during normal operation Mnemonic parameter code during programming SV Display: These cables should not be close to the power cables or components.

After PID is calculated A. S different from out1. Adjusable between 1 and The minimum value is the value of C. The value of parameter should be increased in interference. SEt is the value of C.

Enda ETC Series PID Temperature Controllers Panel Mount | Rapid Online

If band alarm is selected, A1. Pay attention to the polarities of the thermocouple cables as shown in the figure right are connected to the. Set appears on the display. The maximum value is the value of C.

Technical Specification

So the set point can be achieved by minimum fluctuations and in the shortest time. It should be While holding 25 REdY. Difference addresses should be enad for every device. Alternatively, the same function occurs first pressing Entering from the programming mode to the run mode: The installation and electrical connections must be carried on by a qualified staff and must be according to the relevant locally applicable regulations.

The maximum of C. The shielding must be grounded on the instrument side. If independent or deviation alarm is selected, this parameter can be Lo. The stc procedure is valid for the decrement key. Before self tune procedure, temperature setpoint value should be adjusted. Otherwise, Self-Tune should be activated. Then the device heats until setpoint value according to PID parameters and calculates the energyrequirement for stable If the parameter is 31, the filter run most slow.


If independent alarm is selected, A1.

CSET If key is pressed and held 0. If the temperature unit is changed, the value of the UPL. UnIt Offset value is added to the measurement value.

Make sure that the device is used only for intended purpose. Before self tune procedure, A.

Technical Specification |

Relative humidity According to EN Front panel: If this parameter is 1, digital filter runs most quick. After 1 second following the release of the key, initial condition is returned. Adjustable between 1 and seconds. IfInp parameter is selected TC or Pt, this parameter is seen. The device must be protected against inadmissible humidity, vibrations, severe soiling and make sure that the operation temperature is not exceeded.

Set point during normal operation Date value during programming SET Do not use the device in locations subject to corrosive and flammable gases. Adjustable between 1 and If the selected input type is changed, the value of C. The maximum value is the value of A2. Enva PID parameters of the system if they are known at the begining.

Read this document carefully before using this device.