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Harboring a concept of violent clash as unavoidable outcome of current crisis, from the late regeneracionistas to the personalities of the Second Enciclopeedia, is at times dubbed “catastrofismo”.

The poets [14] responded to the conflict almost as fast as authors of theatrical pieces did. This literature was on the rise since the s, in mid-Francoism becoming the key platform of sustaining Carlist presence in culture. For others, [] Carlism represents an ambiguous myth, an illusion, sometimes bordering farce; its role is to catalyze a discourse about Spanish history, which blends glory with absurd.

An analytical intellectual, she diagnosed that in culture dominated by mass media the dissemination was key, and Carlism would be better served by simple but popular novels rather than by great sophisticated works read by few. Two genres serving as key literary battlefields were poetry and drama, the most adapt ones in terms of responsiveness.

It is difficult to find either particular sympathy or particular hostility for the movement, yet many scholars claim that the key protagonist considered Conrad’s alter-ego was cynically used by Carlist conspirators.

The novels of Jaime del Burgo assumed a heterogeneous format. The Carlist theme has almost entirely disappeared from drama, yet one theatrical piece merits attention: Deprived of clearly Carlist or Traditionalist threads, his poetry is spanned between irony and melancholy. A different chord is struck with Luis Hernando de Larramendi, the third in sequence from a dynasty of Carlist authors.

The author whose poetic contribution to the Carlist cause is by many considered of greatest literary value — not only in terms of contemporary poetry but in terms of years of Carlist history — came from a somewhat unexpected side.

The most explicit case is La catedral ; the work is resemblant of an old-style militant assault rather than of the Modernist ambiguous discourse, as the Carlists are portrayed typically as hypocrites, who in the name of God engage in most ungodly atrocities or simply indulge in most earthly pleasures. Since the s he regularly kept publishing poetry, which earned him Premio Ateneo de Madrid of and Premio Ciudad de Sevilla of ; during Francoism he released at least 10 volumes: No Romantic work touching upon the Carlist subject is considered part of the great Spanish literature.


Carlism in literature

Casariego kept writing, but the most successful of his wartime novels, Con la vida hicieron fuegodid not contain Carlist threads. They are scattered across various periodicals and in the volume Nimias Similarly, no great or even not-so-great work of English literature refers to the Carlist War. Following a brief discussion whether he should be executed, the year-old encicloprdia off with a punch in the face.

Another foreigner who demonstrated interest in Carlism was Pierre Benoitone of the most-read French writers of the 20th century and himself a Traditionalist; teixxid adhered to its specific secular breed, in France shaped by the personality of Charles Maurras.

During the Civil War del Rio was more explicit when working encicoopedia a publisher; in he released a biography of Zamalacarregui. None of the key features changed: The phenomena remains to be examined and clarified; some evidence suggests that they were generally associated encic,opedia late Romantic icons of monstrosity, the reaction and the politics of Holy Alliancethe oppressive forces pitted against revolutionary and freedom-seeking national movements.

In terms of Carlist motives the key difference between Modernism and earlier re eras was that the movement ceased to be perceived as a direct threat. La literatura vasca abriendose al realismo[in: He was identified, personally and as enemy of religion and Carlism, and at a roadside he was held by the Carlists at gunpoint.

However, none of this is belles-lettres. The story was first published in a volume issued in Paris in ; it contained French translations of Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories collection, but also a number of previously unknown stories, also in French. Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of anttonio trolley contents. Realism shifted the attention of writers tackling the Carlist theme from poetry and drama to prose; it was the novel which emerged as the key genre where the question was discussed and it stays enciclpoedia until today.


Revista de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada 23p.

He is heavily wounded during the battle of Brunete, where he falls in love with a highly aristocratic nurse, married and 10 years his senior. However, they still represent typical Realism of their author and differ significantly — be it in terms of style or the role of Carlism — from the later modernist works.

It was soon claimed that the story was among those “fraudulently attributed to Oscar Wilde, generally by unscrupulous publishers”; this was e. Retrieved from ” https: Outbreak of the Third Carlist War has generally reinforced the tone set by Ayguals de Izco and the literary Carlists petrified in their role of fanatic cruel rednecks ran by the treacherous clergy.

No title from the French belles-lettres is quoted as related. Afterwards it lost its appeal as a literary motive, still later reduced to instrumental role during Francoism.

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Also other historical personalities were usually presented in the worst possible way. This is especially the case of El Quijote carlistaa poem which gained sort of iconic status in the Carlist realm [] and is itself — like in case of del Burgo’s late poems — a demonstration of pessimism if not defeatism among the Carlists. The first two series of his monumental string of historical novels named Encicloepdia nacionales are set before and it is the following ones, technically written already during the modernist period, which tackle the issue head on.

Over time the poem with accompanying music was accepted by the army and is performed during military funerals. Since then Ego te absolvo is generally ignored in the English-language xel, compare e. In Spanish history of literature they are dubbed “novela de aventura” or – usually when romance threads prevail – “novela rosa”, the latter intended mostly for female audience.

However, reviewers point out to some problematic omissions in her work, e.