Gough Econ is the world’s only licensed manufacturer of Elecon bucket convyor, a multi-axis bucket conveyor system that can move product in any direction. BULK MATERIAL HANDLING CONVEYORS & BUCKET ELEVATORS The Elecon is the world’s only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction. A mid-size Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system from Gough Econ has been introduced with a larger capacity bucket design for higher throughput and.

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Vertical or horizontal movement Multi-Axis capabilities for increased precision Multiple discharge points Various bucket configurations Heavy-duty materials from stainless steel to plastic Automatic cleaning for increased sanitation Let elrcon expert engineers of integrated systems and bulk material handling equipment do the work.

Ask us about the below features our bulk material handling equipment systems offer: Gough Econ is committed to delivering the highest level of service to every customer — no matter if your production is big or small.

Welcome to – The Bulk Materials Handling Portal and Engineering Handbook

The ability to stack equipment, materials, and products opens up workspaces while creating additional storage space. When moving materials from one point to another, you have calculated the volume, distance, and elevation you need to move plus considered any existing equipment systems. Ask us about the below features our bulk material handling equipment systems offer:. We seek ways to shorten processing times and reduce manual handling, and maximize efficiencies by implementing state-of-the-art bulk material handling equipment.

Buckets are constructed of polypropylene. While you assess the type of bucket conveyor system that is right for your specific needs, there are other options you want to evaluate. A well-maintained system increases the life of the equipment and improves safety. When onsite support is needed, we take great pride in our ability to provide a rapid and efficient response. The characteristics of the products and materials you need to transport using a bucket conveyor design significantly impacts the system you put in place.


It also lets users fit the conveyor within their production facility instead of modifying their facility to accommodate the material handling system.

Bulk material handling equipment is designed to move, store and control materials. One of the many advantages to partnering with Gough Econ is the guarantee of working with an engineering and manufacturing company with over 43 years of experience and a global success track record. No matter the industry, Gough Econ develops and designs state-of-the-art equipment systems for production efficiency in everything from salt handling to live ammunition.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities include ultramodern lean manufacturing unit located in picturesque surroundings, which truly portrays the visions of our founder Late Shri Bhanubhai Patel and his life’s work.

Evaluating the current use of space, we can determine ways to logically streamline your material handling equipment. Monday, 20 December, Supplied by: With a reputation for innovative, high-quality service and equipment, Gough Econ is the company you can count on and partner with on large scale investments and complex projects for the best possible ocnveyor and outcome.

Talk to a Sales Engineer Today. In turn, you can reduce your overhead and make more profit.

Gough Econ Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system

National Manufacturing Week You also need a system that can easily conbeyor with existing equipment systems and programmable controls solutions. Flexco’s Y-Type flexible secondary cleaner for conveying systems is suitable for both normal Inefficiencies, unscheduled downtime, and unexpected maintenance costs threaten your production, and the time spent attempting to fix these errors cost you more money. Australis Engineering Pty Ltd.

Automated systems can allow you to accomplish more with fewer employees.


Gough Econ Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system

Elecin only will your need for bulk material handling equipment designed to save you time and money be fulfilled, but your systems will be integrated and designed for reliability and dependability. Gough Econ is a world leading engineer and manufacturer elefon comprehensive and integrated solutions to bulk material handling industries on a global level. Elecon started its journey of excellence sixty-seven year ago and today, our business model comprises of complete range of Engineering, Construction, Product Sales and Services; delivering single-point solutions for our prestigious clients.

Four different bucket configurations are available, depending on various throughput requirements and type of product.

You need a proven solution that delivers quality and precision in any environment. At Gough Econ we offer total system integration from concept to conclusion to best fit your bulk handling needs.

By fulfilling orders faster and more efficiently with fewer errors, you can add more customers while increasing their satisfaction. We help you select features that maximize layouts, minimize downtime and achieve optimum throughput.

No other conveying system in the world is as flexible as the Elecon. Gough Econ focuses on engineering a bucket conveyor design that meets your production specifications to help your operations run smoothly and successfully. Here is what we can help you determine: Gough Econ is committed to the highest level of service for all of our customers, big or small.

Our systems coonveyor designed for easy maintenance and repairs. The mid-size Elecon can convey material in three different directions: Let our expert engineers of integrated systems and bulk material handling equipment do the work.