El desierto de los tártaros has ratings and reviews. metáfora contida nela para sua vida, o que certamente é um indício da atemporalidade do livro. Estado: usado. Editorial: Hyspamérica, Biblioteca personal Jorge Luis Borges. Precio: $ ENTREGA A DOMICILIO (OPCIONAL – CAP. FED.). Book Description Madrid. Fernández Ciudad. Alianza, S.A. In 8º, pp-3h. Rústica editorial ilustrada. El Libro de Bolsillo, Papel comienza a .

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But months turn into years, and when he’s on the deathbed, guess what? Alice rated it did not like it Jul 27, Tartarros to Book Page. Nonetheless, I found this book much more tolerable than the depressing pessimism of Kafka and Beckett. Disappointed at first by the loss of youth and innocence and the burden of manhood thrust upon him, Drogo at first wishes to leave. Buzzati is, undoubtedly, a terrific writer. Quel livre impitoyable et magnifique!

In the end he misses his moment of glory, but dies peacefully. View all 10 comments. Ed una sensazione di soffocante malinconia e angoscia mi ha accompagnata per tutta la durata della lettura.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In genere i libri le mi danno malinconia.

And, so, time flies, and Giovanni Drogo is stationed at an obscure fort, which guards the border against tartaro possible Tartar invasion from the steppeland that stretches off into the distance below. The slow dripping water torture of boring life wearing you down, adding desjerto, fat; where is my youth?

Too late for the Tartars!!!!!!!! Dino Buzzati Traverso was an Italian novelist, short story writer, painter and poet, as well as a journalist for Corriere della Sera. But I need the pain of events, not the pain of the everyday. The soldiers stationed there grow old waiting for an attack that never comes, representing the feeling that one’s work ultimately means nothing.


The sickness of living.

Mi rendo conto che Buzzati non fa per me, in molti hanno apprezzato questo romanzo ma io tarfaros trovato ridondante e spaventosamente lento. But not where I’m at. Ma il buon Dino ce lo ha raccontato che aveva solo 33 anni I would cautiously recommend it to them, warning them, tartarros course, that it is one of those books that trendy, self-satisfied literature teachers like.

Questo invece l’ho concluso con gioia, nel senso che ero proprio felice di averlo finito! Il colpo di reni delle pagine finali non convince per niente. I felt for Drogo, I actually took things on a very personal level, which I think every reader did – the solace, re considering expectations, missing opportunities, the comfort of routine.

I will never seek to read it again. I’m really pissed by my lack of deseirto Italian authors and I have no idea why this is happening.

El desierto de los tártaros

No, I think the most fitting interpretation is a snapshot of life in general. I don’t remember if Boffa is Italian or not.

Written while the author was in despair over a dead-end job in a newspaper, the book is a metaphor for the discontent that is life. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This cou There are very few book descriptions that strike more fear in my heart than “Kafkaesque. And, so, time flies, and quite suddenly, at least so it seems, he is an old man. Buzzati wrote the novel on the cusp of WWII and the theme of anticipation comes across quite literally.

I probably wouldn’t pick this up to read it again, tataros I dseierto didn’t mind reading once.


El desierto de los tártaros by Dino Buzzati (1 star ratings)

Change cover 2 16 Jun 24, Diogo is “everyman,” waiting for a moment of meaningfulness that never quite materializes, at least not in the form he expects. Sara De Bernardi rated it did not like it Jul 25, This is the type of book that a trendy, self-satisfied literature teacher would assign his or her students. But what I crave is representation of the pain of events —I want to read the pain of betrayal, the pain of loss, the pain of disappointment—I need that which is different from the pain of the disappointment of the everyday.

Giada rated it did not like it Aug 17, I think what I like most about his writing is that, even though he is writing a story that is really an allegory, he is not precocious about it at all. Same thing happened to Waiting for the Barbarianswhich is said to be inspired by Buzzati’s work.

He intends for his stay there to be brief, no more than four months, but many years later he is still there, dutifully following the regular routine tartarps hoping for a moment of glorious battle. Non ho invece sviluppato nessuna empatia nei confronti di Giovanni, che vive anche nell’invidia perpetua e nella speranza di ottenere prestigio e gloria grazie alla guerra.