El Cobrador [Rubem Fonseca] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 19 cm. p., 1 h. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de. Rubem Fonseca. Cuento acerca de un poeta y su relación con la sociedad de consumo. Narrrativa Brasil S. XX Posmodernismo. Consumo. Sobre la violencia . : El cobrador () by RUBEM FONSECA and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great .

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Be prepared for quite a ride when you read this collection. I can’t give too much of it away, won’t even tell you what’s on cobradod back cover because even fnoseca says too much. Amazing short stories with one of the most thrilling and cinematographic story i have ever read: Things got violent again in Happy New Year ; Dwarf is about an unemployed bank clerk with woman trouble; and Flesh and the Bones didn’t make much sense to me.

His work is considered groundbreaking in Brazilian literature, up until then mostly focused on rural settings and usually treating cities with a very biased point-of-view.

In the Rjbem widely admired for his short fiction, The Taker and Other Stories is Fonseca’s first collection to appear in English translation, and it ranges across his oeuvre, exploring the sights and sounds of the modern landscape of Rio de Janeiro. Nov 21, Carolina cobravor it liked it.

Eleventh of May is the name of a terminal facility for the aging. Comentarios de primera mano de un lector frente a la obra. Algunos relatos son algo grotescos. El derecho a Ser. In Enemy another lonely man seeks out his old high school buddies.


O Cobrador

Nov 17, Estermann Meyer rated it it was amazing. Libro con bastante buen balance. Impossible to pick a favorite, if I had to, I would chose “Trials of a Young Writer” as the pacing is frantic and I love how the characters think of themselves first in relationships. Refresh and try again. Account of the Incident concerns an accident between a bus and a cow.

I heard about him from the late RB, thanx m8: Death is all over the place, and is handled with breathtaking casualness. Sep 28, Ignatius rated it it was amazing.

lecturas errantes: El Cobrador, de Rubem Fonseca

De libros se cobradof. Another GoodReads reviewer of this book is correct to say that one story was even like a bad Twilight Zone cobrzdor. Funny, but in that way that I have trouble perceiving in text.

Which is to say these inky black, spare stories are profoundly unsettling in cobraodr than one way. The collection begins with a gut-wrenching short-short about a I first came upon Fonseca in an anthology of international crime stories, a chilling little tale about a poor man who targets the rich not for their money, just to beat them at their own frivolous game.

Pride is about a man who refuses to die because he has a hole in his sock. It left me feeling confused, and less sure about what I was reading. Libro con grandes cuentos, sobretodo el Cobrador y el de Mandrake.

I didn’t get the Bukowski comparisons, until I did. There is enough social commentary in this volume to suggest the latter.

Published by Companhia das letras first published His writing is pretty dark and gritty, filled with violence and sexual content, and it usually happens in a very urban setting. Funny that he rrubem a cop then, tonseca Brazil mind you, in real life. Todos escritos en primera persona. The stories in Rubem Fonseca’s The Taker and Other Stories often have more intricate scenarios than your average Bukowski, and some of the first couple stories the stronger half of this slim covrador read as genre exercises in horror.


A lei de Lem. Llibres i poemes a estones. I suppose it might be a bit of a cliche to write that any given book is a tour de force of its’ genre, but dammit if that doesn’t fit the bill for this one.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I hope I’m correct in putting Mr Fonseca in this category. These are pretty good, solid stories that have magical elements but are also grounded in a recognizable moral universe.

From the Type A exec who runs people down to relax to the man who experiences drowning while on an examining room table, each story reaches into the dark places of the human soul. I am cobdador publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it. Board bookpages.