MEM aprobó estudio de impacto ambiental de ToromochoLa Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales Mineros (DGAAM) del Ministerio de En. While Chinalco had paid $ million for Toromocho, it expected to produce .. and Mines had to approve the EIA for an extractive project in Peru before. Gerald Wolfe pointed out that the company, which invested $ million in Toromocho last year, is waiting for the EIA approval to begin the construction phase.

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CMC allowed good final copper concentrate grades at good copper recoveries. CMC 7M at 2nd. Figure illustrates the topography and some of the infrastructure in the immediate area of Morococha and the surrounding area. The table below summarizes the results of the other mineral check assays that were run on the 1.

If the fraction were greater than 0. Cross sections roromocho the block model were plotted and compared against the logged totomocho information in the drill hole data base. Figure Final Pit and Material Storage. There are four main units of the sediments. The first is the original easting to the nearest m, the second is the northing to the nearest m.

Leach Cap Material above the 0. The resulting leach cap code was also used as a boundary for grade assignment to the model blocks. Material above the 0. A heap leach facility with SXEW treatment of the heap liquor.

The final pit design respected all property boundary constraints as specified by PCI personnel. Where checks and confirmations were not possible, IMC has assumed that all information supplied is complete and reliable horomocho normally accepted limits of error.

The Low Grade to Mill Stockpile is comprised todomocho the low grade skarn ores at breakeven cutoff that are stockpiled to the east of the pit and are reclaimed to the mill after the pit is exhausted. The climate has two well defined seasons.


| Minera Chinalco Perú – Proyecto Toromocho

Intervals Identical to B Above. The resource cone contained both the prefeasibility mine plan and the Mineral Reserve in their entirety. Toromohco original exploration grid rotation is evident on the UTM system drill hole location map on Figure The list of the mineral concessions is on the following page.

The means of the tested results are quite close as indicated by the T-test and population tests on the means are acceptable with the KS test. Project capital and operating costs were estimated for all areas of the project during the prefeasibility process. The block model was developed using blocks sized 20 x 20m in plan and 15m high.

Heap leach costs were calculated for the Technical Report based on the ratio of high grade leach and low grade leach material delivered to the pad. One kilometer from the western limit of the Tomorocho deposit is another company that holds mining concessions named Volcan Compania Minera S.

Moly estimation was kept with the same search parameters as the other metals so there were toromcho blocks were moly was assigned and other metals were not. The use of CMC does not have a significant adverse affect on copper recovery, however it does result in the depression of molybdenite as previously discussed.

IMC has analyzed the results of these check assays and found them to be proper confirmation. Copper Smelting, Refining, Freight. Completion of the drilling program, metallurgical testing, and analysis by PCI and their contractors have resulted in the completion tromocho a pre-feasibility study. National Geographic Society, South America, The rock types, tonnages and brief descriptions are given in Table CNI to develop a wire frame model of the rock types based on the interpreted cross sections.

PCI personnel and contractors are currently in the process of acquiring minority land holdings within the Toromocho surface rights area.


The comparisons that follow establish the rules for commingling of the data base sources and multiple assays. Rock Types Toromochp for Estimation. Ball Mill Grinding Index for ball mill sizing. Breakeven Varies by Bench of Depth.

Property Location in Peru. This report is in metric units. Composites were prepared by PCI from assay reject samples. The tests shown in Table The neighboring areas could provide a pool of skilled and experienced labor. A contact metamorphism is related to the intrusive activity toromocgo extensive bodies of skarn are present at the contacts between intrusive and calcareous host units.

Toromocho mine

AfterCerro de Pasco geologists initiated an angle drill hole from the toromocjo of San Francisco peak that found oxidized material, but did not confirm the main deposit. Intrusive hosted ores are considered for heap leach based on the relative costs and recoveries of milling versus leaching.

Abrasion Index for mill liner and ball wear rates. So once the large cone was established, the incremental Mineral Resource was established by subtracting the Mineral Reserve from the resource cone tabulation.

Some of the information within this section is paraphrased from the Information Memorandum on Toromocho prepared by Credit Suisse, First Boston for Centromin during The prefeasibility study was based on an August drill data base, a September block model and a December mine plan. The heap leach process was not incorporated into the floating cone economic input.

The Mineral Reserves are the total of all ores planned for processing from the production schedule on Table