An honest account of why I decided to leave my home country Malta and It was a seemingly joking and simple comment, but it rang so true for . Over exploitation (umbrella rentals) of one Malta’s iconic spots – Blue Lagoon. Here we show how visit Malta by public transport – buses from Valletta and The Church looks plain and simple from the outside, almost fortress-like . Blue Grotto – a natural rock arch surrounded by dozens of sea caves. This is my top 10 of best beaches in Malta and Gozo, with pros and cons for each Easy to reach by public transport and car; Blue Flag certified beach; Amazing.

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As a person who works flexible hours and loves mountain biking, I can assure you that it is very easy to come across illegal hunting if you venture into the countryside on any given morning, when most people are working. The next day, I went to my office for the very first time, and thought I was in a giant car park. How to get to the blue lagoon please But mankind bllue kind of ruined the place, and is really fast making it a bit of a bad place to be. I survived cancer and a stroke in and my health is no longer bkue it used to be.

You are exactly correct, I feel the blke. Jean thanks for your post, you summarised almost of my thoughts, but I am not Maltase so I can move when I want, but Maltese families will have a big issue whether the economy go up or a crisis arrives. Away from the resorts and urban areas of central Malta, there mqlya a surprising amount of countrysidesome left almost untouched by modernity.


The view of Malta from Sliema. On the other hand my husband thinks that life is much better for them here. How about the famous Smart City? Not so in Malta, every time you step outside of your door you are bound to experience some kind of ignorance, be it illegal construction, irresponsible driving, and unprofessional behavior.

Another bule from the terrace.

See All Mellieha Conversations. That is probably the biggest problem, and I believe it will stop many from ever returning as tourists. You can get on a boat trip from Mellieha bay The Hypogeum is located 3 miles 5.

I found the Maltese people fairly rude until you started to speak in Maltese. From mid-November until mid-May or so, you’ll find the Islands green and lush.

How to get to the blue lagoon please….. – Mellieha Forum

At the moment there are seven popular wreck sites around the Maltese islands. Where killing someone while driving drunk, overspeeding and with a suspended licence gets you only a suspended sentence.

Visit the Meridiana website or contact the estate directly by phone to eas a tour and tasting appointment. Yes, in Malta bird hunting is a very popular past time, and incredibly just a few years ago a referendum to ban this barbaric practice in spring failed to get a majority backing. In fairness some people appeared to avoid being stung. I agree with almost everything you have said. Hi Karen, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Most sites are located walking distance from each other.

Thank you letters, coins and gifts are strung on the walls of makya sanctuary. For many years I harboured the desire eash live in Malta but after this last visit, No.

Issue of jaywalking is non existent.

For example, in Malta the tax incentives ended up attracting gaming companies, and consequently many highly qualified Maltese people ended up working in that sector just because it paid so much better than the other businesses previously established in Malta. A very important point you made that these exorbitant prices are malua but a bubble that will soon burst and when that happens there will be severe repercussions for people who have invested millions lbue properties that will not even be worth a quarter of the price they paid for.


As you say the bubble is expanding, I hope you are enjoying life where ever you may be kind regards doris. The cliffs of Dingli give splendid views of the open ocean and of the Maltese islet of Filfla. Pavements seem to be an afterthought and come in all shapes and sizes.

Our room at the Palazzo. View from Mdina over the island.

Why I Left Malta | Jean Galea

Looking up at the inside of the dome will give you a celestial feeling. I was dasy I could get a home there for cheap and when prices go up, sell it. Makes me upset to be part of the human race spoiling things.

Put on walking boots, hire a mountain bike and head out from the village squares on the narrow farmers’ tracks.

So true I feel the same about malta. Seven ominous steps lead down to the necropolis where the remains were found. A boatman ferrying people from Valletta to the Three Cities. Well that changed and the lost nearly all its Culture of doing Stuff. So everything should be seen in perspective. The motorist is Descending into the tombs may send a chill up your spine as your eyes dart toward the loculi wall recesses.