Top Categories · Home» » docbkx-maven-plugin. Docbkx Maven Plugin. A Maven plugin for generating HTML from DocBook. documentation you’re trying to generate as it exists in the . We have a bit more complex usage since we use the maven filtering plugin to. xalan xalan docbkx-maven-plugin ${project. version} site generate-html pre-site k docbook-xml runtime ant ant -trax.

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You can always refer to other fonts eocbkx on your system, but then there is a chance that your audience does not have those fonts installed causing your document to be completely unreadable.

Simply specify it as additional goals. The remainder of the document will broken up into several pieces, depending on the policies you specified with customization properties. In the past, the only way to compose a DocBook document from several parts required system entity include statements as part of your DTD declaration.

docbkx-maven-plugin: No output during run of plugin – Stack Overflow

No output during run fenerate plugin Ask Question. An example will help you to understand pllugin this means. Java, Maven, Tools and everything else You might however not be impressed too much by the default output of the plugins. The snippet included below shows how you include another font. Alas, I did not find this information on the plugin’s Changes Report page. We are actually quite happy with this approach, especially because we are able to automatically publish the docs in a number of formats, including HTML and PDF.


Simply add an execution element to specify the goal and the phase.

Note that – in case of boolean parameters – there are two ways you can pass values. This is supported as of plugiin 2. Getting back to your includes usage, if your top level docbook file is index.


The plugin is not performing any action. Let’s just assume that you crafted your own CSS file containing the essential bling bling for your DocBook output file. Also, there are other goals available to generate documentation in more formats including pdf.

It’s important to understand that we are using the advanced customizing capabilities of DocBook, i. The maven docbook plugin converts your docbook xml file to user friendly documentation in HTML. In order to use it, add a language attribute to the DocBook element containing your sources, and set it to the language of the sources within that element. In fact, none of the xsl: We have a bit more complex usage since we use the maven filtering plugin to avoid having to mess with entities and the like.

For more detailed information on these customizable properties, please consult the online plugin documentation.


A Maven plugin for generating html output from DocBook documents, using version 1.

Docbkx Tools

Any site can be shut down whether or not we’ve done anything wrong. Is there any configuration not provided, yet, which will start the plugin to do some work?

A Maven plugin for generating xhtml output from DocBook documents, using version 1. To do so, we use the docbkx-maven-plugin in the project’s nightly build.

Docbkx Maven Plugin – javalibs

The only problem that might get in the way if you are thinking about generating DocBook sources is the fact that Maven does not really provide a clear hook or phase for it. Here are some links that should help you get started:. At least, nothing that pointed me not being a DocBook expert into this direction A Maven plugin for generating xhtml5 output from DocBook documents, using version 1.

This is by far the simplest example that you can possibly imagine. Every goal every output format defines its own collection of customizable properties. The only thing that you need to do is add a font tag containing all relevant metadata.