Finding inspiration in classic fairy tales, Marrone (Revealers) crafts a creepy and thoroughly captivating story of love and jealousy. Megan takes. Read Devoured by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Devoured by Amanda Marrone – Chapter 1. More books from this author: Amanda Marrone. Master of Mirrors. The Shape-Shifter. Slayed. The Multiplying.

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Megan is a strong female protagonist, who has suffered alone for many years, been in therapy and been told what she knows is true is really just her way of devourdd oh how wrong they are. View all 10 comments. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Joe, and their two kids. I’m actually marrkne huge fan of fairy tails and such. There she meets Luke, who is psychic and, to Megan’s relief, can also see and communicate with Remy.

I liked every single one of these characters, eevoured the twisted ones. It just seems to me that there should have been more of an explanation for some of the things that happened.

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Simon Pulse Publication Date: I couldn’t tell ny her personality was like. After taking a very early retirement to raise a family and write novels—some of which have vampires and other creepy creatures, Amanda now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Joe, two kids, two cats, a crayfish, hissing cockroaches, and their newest addition is Griffin, a havanese dog who can say “Hello” and “I love you”.

This book is actually a modern day continuation of the Snow White tale that takes place many generations after the original, which I never would have figured amansa based on the description, although after the fact I do see some hints on the cover. They are married, and Mr. AND I was skeptical of the main character being haunted by her dead sister, bu This was a very light read, but entertaining.


The characters were thinly developed, but some did manage to surprise me at the end. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Megan, in an attempt to keep an eye on her boyfriend and his perky best friend, takes up a summer job at the amusement park, Land of Enchantment. While Megan was getting sized up for her Snow White costume, Remy appears and shows her a horrid vision, causing her to faint.

That one moment has flipping her life upside down, mostly because her sister’s ghost seems to follow her everywhere, but things take on a bizarre turn when her new summer job at the Land of Enchantment stirs the ghost crazy and makes Megan unsure if it’s as safe as it seems. Part fairytale, part suspenseful mystery, and part super-sweet romance, this is a book you should definitely put on your radar!

Amanda successfully avoided monster attacks by leaving all the lights on in her house, and convincing other family members to let the cats in—eventually earning a B.

Well, if you have read the original “Brothers Grimm Tales” then you already know, but for the rest of you Granted she was annoying at some points but not overbearing. The writing was fluid and the plot was intriguing, like I said before Refresh and try again.

To ask other readers questions about Devouredplease sign up. This book took me the longest to read because I was just not into the book at all. After reading this i will definitely be looking for more of her work, hopefully it will be just as good because this really surprised me, and in the best way.


The mirror has tricks of its own and goad the evil queen into cursing all Re-tellings of fairy tales often suffer when an author tries to stick too close to the source material.

Devoured | Book by Amanda Marrone | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Her father lies in a coma at the nursing home; her twin sister, Remy, who died in the accident, continues to haunt her; and her mom only seems to care about winning dog competitions with their purebred Fergus. Megan and Luke are well developed, but the ending, in which everything happens too quickly, can be a bit confusing. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Joe, and their two kids.

And in keeping with that, most of the principal characters had interesting traits. But when a panther attacks their host, Maggie and friends must put the test on hold to figure out who conjured the creature and why. Bad pun, I know. I will definitely read Amanda’s other books just for their creative and timely plots!

The end of Snow White’s story is the beginning of Megan’s story, so I don’t feel like I’m spoiling too much by saying that Snow White’s Happily Ever After didn’t quite turn out like we thought.

There she meets Luke who also can see Remy. Nov 01, summer rated it it was amazing.