How to Write a WordPress Plugin, written by Ronald Huereca is an extensive, twelve entry series on the process of creating your own. http:// WordPress Plugins allow you to easily modify, customize, and enhance a The first task in creating a WordPress Plugin is to think about what the Plugin will do, .. part “How to Write a WordPress Plugin” at by Ronald Huereca .

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Instead, use a local WordPress installation. Download the PDF Now Linking to this series As this is the new home to dvelounge series, please direct your permalinks and direct links to this page, so readers can navigate their way through the entire series. Check out the Plugins page and the other repositories linked there to verify that your name is unique.

For instance, if your Plugin is going to be called “Fabulous Functionality”, you might call your PHP dev,ounge fabulous-functionality. Wouldnt it bebetter just to write your own plugin that combined all the little code snippets so that you could use them as template tags? Check out the new Hw Code Reference! Some of the actions that I use heavily are: First we need to add a function into our DevloungePluginSeries class.

Download the Series We have now made it even easier for you to learn what it takes to write a WordPress Plugin. Code Samples All code I use will be available for download wordpresz each post in the Conclusion section.


If you use a directory to contain your Plugin files, then the directory name will be used by WordPress when checking the WordPress Plugin Repository for updates.

How to Write a WordPress Plugin | Devlounge

You can try convincing the plugin author to add your feature, but plugin authors are usually quite busy or they may not like your suggestion. If you want to host your Plugin on https: How to write a plugin However, what if a logged-in user doesn’t want to see this text? Luckily there is already a few plugins out there for that, but sometimes your readers will suggest something that has yet to be implemented as a plugin.

For example, say we want to retrieve the total number of comments for our WordPress installation.

WordPress Plugins and Database Interaction When you are writing a plugin, you will inevitably have to store variables in a database and retrieve them. You want to make money A good plugin author can usually get paid on the side for custom work.

Devlounge – How to Write a WordPress Plugin – [PDF Document]

Some template tags will not work outside of this loop, so wordpresz is imperative that you know exactly where your code is executing.

Makes sure that config structure is present so we can access WordPress functions and variables. WordPress Plugin Actions WordPress actions allow you as a plugin author to be able to hook into the WordPress application and execute a piece of code.

Contact or support information or comments enabled. The WordPress loop is the loop that displays your posts. Listen to your Readers Your readers are a valuable asset when it pllugin to getting ideas for plugins.


WordPress Plugin Development from Scratch. How? – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

A list of features. You are a theme designer I would argue that if you are a template designer for WordPress, the next logical step is to be a plugin author.

As good as WordPress is as a standalone application, there are still things that WordPress lacks. Techniques Some of the techniques I use in my code samples may not be the best way to present code and you may be wriye because I dont have a lot of shortcuts. Work on these changes and commit the changes to the trunk of your plugin as often as you want.

How to Write a Scienti WordPress Wrrite Filters WordPress filters are the functions that your plugin can hook into with regards to modifying text. Chances are that if you desire the feature added, others will too.

Setting up the JavaScript The purpose of this script which is located in devlounge-plugin-series. It’s important to get those bugs fixed and the crucial features added in wordpresss. The time you spent on your wrife and features is crucial since you’ll be using these for your plugin promotion. This structure will assist other plugin authors who look at your code to be able to tell what the main plugin file is and where all the supporting files are located.