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Location: BP E , Avenue de l’oua villa B5 Porte , Faladié Sokoro, Bamako . , date “On the approval of the tariffs for the services Decreto Nº /39 (Presentación a depósito en custodia de las obras inéditas ). Method: Integrative literature review using the descriptors: street people, health policy and Objetivo: Conocer la producción científica brasileña de los últimos diez años ( a ) sobre las Decreto n0 de dezembro de . Available from: pdf. Camabatela – At least citizens of both genders were taught to read and write between and , in the municipality of Ambaca, northern Cuanza.

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Through the analysis of the Brazilian scientific production on the aspects related to the health of people living in the street, four categories of analysis emerged: Policies for the Adult Population Living on the Streets: For processing, the fish is sent to the dirty area 207 the first cleaning is carried out in a washing cylinder, where effluent is generated Point A, Figure 1.

Potential cecreto and reuse of effluents in the fish processing industry.

Of the EU members, Greece and Spain stand out because they have regulations that apply to a large number of uses, including a precise description of the quality requirements for each application. Primary treatment optimization of a fish canning wastewater from a Portuguese plant. In this regard, studies on HIV-positive pregnant women conducted in Brazil found that the majority of these women had a low level of schooling RESULTS A total of 21 scientific df published in national journals were analyzed and ce to the health of people living in the street.

In addition, the exclusion of articles that were not fully available on the Internet may be considered a second limitation of this research.

In this proposal, the team should provide derceto in the territory and act in an integrated way with other segments of the community to favor the channels of dialogue, creating links and shared commitments. This result was also found not only in fish industries, but also in poultry processing, studied by Luiz et al.

Still considering the gravid-puerperal 498, the implementation of xecreto focused on the extension of assistance to women is necessary, in which the guarantee of full service, in line with early diagnosis, become important strategies for promoting adequate adhesion to the treatment and reduction of vertical transmission, including the health professional as the protagonist in the clinical decision making, providing important information for primary healthcare to pregnant women in the gravid-puerperal cycle.


According to an epidemiological survey of 207 State Secretariat of Health of Alagoas, inthe municipalities: Several reasons try to explain the reason why people start to live on the streets, making a situation of exclusion from the conventional structures of society. Considering the exposed, health promotion strategies for this group are essential concerning the prevention of opportunistic infections, use of antiretroviral therapies HAARTand easy access to health services.

Epidemiological overview of HIV/AIDS in pregnant women from a state of northeastern Brazil

Adorno de dos molduras horizontales paralelas, levantadas desde el interior, y unidas por otras seis molduras verticales que agallonan levemente la superficie.

From the parameters evaluated, some results show a discrepancy in the concentrations found, as expected, for BOD, pH and TSS, when compared to the results of other studies Table 2. Guidelines for Water Reuse.

On the other hand, a study with people living in the street and suffering from socially stigmatizing diseases showed that the impact of the diagnosis provoked reflections on life, death and the need for care. Rev Chilena Infectol [Internet].

Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater.

Información básica sobre protección de datos

Muthukumaran and Baskaran ; Lima et al. How to cite this article.

Despite the existence of a public policy aimed at this population, because it is a relatively recent policy, much still needs to be done to ensure access to care and health. These limitations could compromise the epidemiological analyses. The fish is ready 44980 shipping after its temperature is stabilized.

Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet [Internet]. The existence of the population living on the street is a social phenomenon that is assuming new expressions in contemporary societies, particularly in urban centers.

Potential for reuse of effluent from fish-processing industries

Irrigation and Drainage paper, To this end, to know the epidemiological characteristics of pregnant women with HIV is essential to create actions that effectively improve the quality of care for these women. Faced with this reality, challenges were imposed on managers and technicians to develop collective actions and seek work strategies that focus on the differences, relationships and potential of the subjects, giving them visibility For this, new approaches and restructuring of the work process in health care of this population are necessary, introducing formulations about the equity in access to health services 2.


Ndalatando – At leaststudents from the beginning to the second cycle of secondary education, including 61, girls, will attend classes in the schools of the northern Cuanza Norte province. The consumption of psychoactive substances is often before the life on the street and this dependence accompanies the person because it is a way of being able to withstand the difficulties faced in the street Performance of anaerobic bioreactor treating fish-processing plant wastewater pre-hydrolyzed with a solid enzyme pool.

It is noteworthy that the work carried out in a team, in an interdisciplinary way, made it possible to recognize the team as a reference for seeking care and, consequently, the constant stimulus for the team to rethink their work strategies and ways of acting directed to the reality of life of street people Physical sedimentation 3 reverse osmosis 1 microfiltration 3.

In this scenario, considering the state of Alagoas, we noticed that the first HIV cases in women date back towhen the average was seven men infected for every woman. To describe behaviors, attitudes and risk practices for STDs, to estimate the prevalence of syphilis in people living on the streets. Given that reuse can represent an alternative for sustainable development, this study sought to assess the potential for recycling effluents produced in a fish-processing plant.

For the analysis of the bibliographical material, two researchers carried out the reading of the articles in their entirety and, from that moment, a form was elaborated that contemplated information regarding the year of publication, title, periodical, objective and type of study.

Therefore, the OonS seeks to guarantee the integral and quality care offered to this population, acting in addition to the therapeutic intervention, by valuing listening and welcoming as tools to recognize situations arising from street life, their particularities, the needs of health and the autonomy of people Cultivation of Rubrivivax gelatinosus in fish industrial effluent for depollution and biomassa production.

To understand issues related to access and accessibility of street dwellers to mental health services.