y las condiciones que se exigirán a los proponentes si las hubiera, o al • Decreto de Artículos 6,9 y •Decreto de MODIFICIACIONES AL REGISTRO ÚNICO DE PROPONENTES LEY DE DECRETO DE DECRETO DE -. jorge federico mejia. del Presupuesto de la Generalitat Valenciana ) y el Decreto de precios La oficina gestora proponente, una vez ejecutado el objeto del contrato, realiza- PROFESOR/A CONTRATADO DOCTOR. TC. L. PROFESOR/A.

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The boy here also was carry- ing a gas pistol resembling a fontaln pen which Is usually a. They are travelling to Eng- land aboard the Ruahlne which is scheduled to dock in Balboa at noon tomorrow. Maurice Vincent and E. Crux 4Aqui Estoy A. They will also visit lrlends and rela- tives in Balboa. The situation would be differ- ent, however. The President, however, has been on the re- ceiving end for more abuse than he has dished out.

James Moran, eternal seeker after truth. Major league pacesetter Ralph Klner hit his 37th roundtrlpper in the ninth Inning to give the Pirates their margin over the New Yorkers, moving them from eighth to sixth place In the standings. It provides, in the intestine, the liquid needed to soften and lubricate the stubborn waitai master, and in this way allows gentle, mrr evacuation of the bowel.

Flores 3Piragua R. A plague on both their houses. This detachment rendered great assistance ‘in restoring or- der, unloaded food from the H.


This is the goal I have been working for at every Internation- al conference I have attended since Powell, Bron- son; Randle, Ralph R. It is the opinion of one of the most sagacious observers of American labor, Plttt- burg’s Father Charles Owen Bice, that the pro-Soviet US fill has enough strength left to control the union at Westlnghouse at the air- brakes and manufacturing plants where there is to be an election among the Mena 5Betn A.

Mc- Elvray lived with her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. The newlyweds are In Paris on their honeymoon Mrs Smolka won the ladies’ prize and Sergeant Harry Jones won the men’s prize.

Of course, if Mr. Ramos x 3Diana O. Nassau County detectives then began Investigating whether the daughter of a prominent stock broker bad been connected with any other robberies on Long Is- land’s swank Gold Coast.

The Panama American

Los comunistas tambin alegan que un avin aliado dej caer una luz de bengala sobre Kaesong. Under the “Mass Air Travel” plan, transatlantic plane fares would be cut by decretl and European tripa by about one- fourth.

The plan Is seen ss a counter- move against the luxury flights of certain American and Europ- ean airlines which serve passen- gers vintage wine champagne and fabulous meals on even short hops. There will not be seven matinees, and on week-ends she will ap- pear three times dally.

The addict must be quarantined in the city hospitals. His remark that the informa- tion could not be “checked” led to speculation that It could not be checked because the men were In Soviet satellite territory.


módulo 3 – Herramientas Jurídicas

And this is the gentleman who boasted in a national magazine of the vast sums he’s lost defreto a sports promoter, a boast which revealed his Incompetence rather than his sportsmanship I’m afraid. The Boston Red Sox moved proponenntes within four games of the skid- ding Indians and four and one- half of the leading Yankees as Ellis Kinder pitched one-hit scoreless relief Sail for four In- nings jind vecreto mates exploded late.

Carrl- ker, Martha M. And if several top names can be induced to do their part toward bringing back the institution, few of them can carry on for a substantial part of a season, for they have commitments in movies, TV, radio, or at special events which can pay them more in a night than vaudeville could in weeks.

Keith and Luke were broken successively, Army, Pinkham’s Compound contains no opiates do habit-forming drugs. In it they charged the President and Demo- cratic Chairman Boyle with being. Attorney General Bolivar E.

Foster fired a 0, and Jaffray a. The House of Representatives passed such a bill.

An exhibition ar- ranged for this congress includes the first anesthetic apparatus ever used. Alto fwo and three bedroom apartments.