Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, The lands of Tellene defined in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting . Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, and Dungeon Master are trademarks owned by. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is an official D&D campaign setting by Kenzer & Company. Originally published as an unofficial setting for AD&D in , the d20 . Kingdoms of Kalamar, the first in Kenzer and Company’s Official Dungeons .. It continues to be a generic setting with bits of D&D shoehorned in to fill up space.

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It’s 3rd edition and the creators have a poor sense of mechanical balance. It changes tone and voice, and often tense, within the same paragraph. kxlamar

Kingdoms of Kalamar – 1d4chan

This section seems to be complete, except for the missing gnomish and halfling languages, providing a kongdoms basis for the GM to do any extrapolation that is needed.

It contains two large and beautiful maps that are glued into the book. One of the huge problems I had with the book were inconsistencies found throughout. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: In short, there is one new race the half-hobgoblin, as dry as you’d imagine kalsmar a smattering of–wait for it–new armor types. A quick glance over my bookshelf revealed one book in particular which should probably have a few warnings attached to it.

Appendix Four talks about the armies of Tellene. On Tellene, only the most advanced societies use steel, including plate armor, and can fashion complex siege weapons. Also, there’s one case of a Necromancy spell of particularly nasty dd being attributed to a good aligned wizard. Besides, Kenzer have now released the Player’s Guide, which in a sense was the book I was looking for that very first time around.


DnDWiki:Kingdoms of Kalamar

You see, full-blooded hobgoblins are a widespread civilized race with their own independent kingdoms – which most people consider a great threat. To me this was a very large positive. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is an extensively supported campaign setting, with the campaign setting the history book of all the landsthe Player’s Primer and the Player’s Guide to the Sovereign Lands, plus dozens of supplements and adventures both print and PDF, including a panel Dungeon Master’s Screen, an incredibly detailed and realistic-looking Atlas, Legends of Kalamar tournament downloads, fonts MAC or Windowsand many more products on the way.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Brandobia allied early on with the demihumans, learning their secrets and, eventually, turning on them claiming that they came up with the knowledge that was imparted onto them.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

And the armor they’ve presented here doesn’t fill any new niche–most have exactly the same stats as existing armor, and substitute some goofy name like rope armor to make it unique.

Kalamar rose to be the most powerful nation in Tellene during ancient times, controlling much of what is now known as the Kalamar region and the Young Kingdoms. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. They placed much emphasis on martial skill in a game where, as we all know, wizards always ultimately grow much more powerful – ironically, some of their special native races, such as Golden Halflings actually gain bonuses to multiple mental stats and penalties to physical stats, while Half-Hobgoblinsdo the opposite.

Its lack of new rule content could be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your opinion of such. Still, its influence is felt almost everywhere in Tellene.

I’m going to be honest, “the Welsh kalxmar a Great Power and conquered Germany” is almost exactly the opposite of the explanation I was expecting. Just glancing through it, the highest NPC appears to be a 17th level cleric. But others may serve as movers and shakers that provide impetus for adventure, and the remainder can at the very least provide some unusual background.


On the other hand it would be nice if some idea of what the city was d&v was presented. It doesn’t hang together, have a narrative or have much in it that’s compelling or interesting. Information on the nations of other armies is limited to lists of troop types and numbers by country. Here, creatures of dark evil roam the lands in search of prey, while others rule a terrified populace from the safety of their throne rooms.

We will not release products that suddenly advance the timeline of the setting, forcing changes on, or invalidating, your home campaign. Alphabets, language conventions, and sample names are all provided. That ended when Kalamar began to decline as, one after another other, each declared itself independent from Kalamar’s domination. It needs more d20 material in it.

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The Kingdoms of Kalamar logo. My two biggest problems are the steep cost for legacy items, and the difficulty in integrating such items into the standard magic item costs and arrays. All times are GMT Legacy Champion comes up in a number of TO builds. The majority of the rules content of the book, in the form of an occasional new spell, magic item, armor, horse, and the half-hobgoblin race is present in the gazetteer section.