Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, McKean is also an accomplished CAGES. Dave McKean, Author. NBM $50 (p) ISBN Cages opens with an array of short prose pieces, each a variation on the idea of a creation story. This is one of several motifs that McKean. My first encounter with Cages by Dave McKean was not coming upon it in a bookstore, or being recommended it by a more well-read friend.

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A very musical, lyrical piece of art that confronts some very big ideas! I was intrigued by having this cavalier, playful attitude inside of a comic.

The tone is perfectly balanced between the humor of the woman’s malapropisms and the sorrow of her kind-heartedness and despair. The book is not polemical—except for an ill-advised high-school lit-mag scene in which a despairing Jesus curses God for not existing—but there is a political undercurrent, an insistence on a multicultural secular London in which our main artist-protagonists, Leo and Angel, are Jewish and black.

This is a piece of art NOT something to follow. Ok, this book is a tome of genius.

A Love Letter to CAGES by Dave McKean

Even though I really enjoyed each side story in turn, I think this book could have been just as amazing without a few of them. And who’s to say those are really separate categories, or, ahem, separate cages?

dage Dave McKean lives in England. And than again, I find myself captured in some sort of cage. One of the dage reaches up, its elongated arm ripping the sky open like fabric to reveal a bright white glow beneath. He defined a certain kind of style and although his work today is still impressive and beautiful some of the old stuff seems dated. I’d best describe it as a metaphysical noir love story loosely framed within a magical realism context.


The men lead her away and beat up Sabarsky, threatening him with their vicious dog. Hardcover graphic novel with almost pages.

Visually, “Cages” is a tour-de-force and anyone interested in the ‘graphic’ part of graphic novels should check it out. English Choose a language for shopping. It is weird to read this and Preacher Garth Ennis now.

Cages: Dave McKean: : Books

I think of the scene in which Leo the painter meets Karen in a jazz club and they talk for hours, falling into romantic sympathy. Especially to artists illustrators and indy comic book lovers.

But he often signals shifts in storytelling mode by switching media or style to ink-wash brushwork, airbrushed photography, white-on-black “woodcuts,” bold near-abstractions or whatever seems appropriate ; when the artwork erupts into full-color paintings davs collages, the effect is explosive. I think the main character Leo ponytail guy wasn’t someone you cared about.

On Dave McKean’s Cages | Sequart Organization

What I especially enjoyed was high level of introspection applied to the lives of strangers. Their lives and stories intertwine and relate inevitably to each other in ways that point to the mystery of life. There was a sense of play at work. Siin on nii palju asju koos. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I mean, it davve with an artist befriending a jazz poet in a hip bar and THEN gets dae from there.

Morrison and McKean Unplugged 28 Feb The storyline is good, sometimes monotone but filled with phylosophy about God, art, creation, love, meanings of existence Not only is the language realistic and compelling, but the facial expressions truly convey the pathos and conflicted emotional life of this character. Philosophical, dreamy, beautiful graphics.

I’m glad I asked Cages creates incredible atmosphere and mood. I rather it be something else. Since the characters sharing an apartment and how they interact is the entire point of the book, I barely feel justified rating 2 stars. In response, Rush delivers a poignant line: Showing of 30 reviews.

Jul 02, Khalid Albaih rated it liked it. Featherskill below the bird, her wrinkled face showing up through the bars of the cage.

McKean’s drafting and design skills are hugely impressive, continually pushing the boundaries of how much can be done with a few expressive lines. Cages non dovrebbe mancare nella biblioteca di ogni appassionato di fumetto.

Captured Ghosts Grant Morrison: McKean has constructed his own cage, so that when he does escape it the freedom will taste that much sweeter. Just to stop the letters. He’s was kind of Godlike.