Find great deals for Datron DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter – Faulty. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Wavetek/Datron Multi-Product Calibrator .. The from Wavetek/Datron is a high performance, 8½ digit bench top multimeter. It can measure direct voltage. Datron repair. «on: January 26, , am». Hey. «Last Edit: February 02, , am by whatamidoing». Logged.

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These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. It dafron measure direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current, and resistance. We will look into those later on, after repair.

Option 30 — Current Converter Current shunt resistor network consist of separate set of resistors: It appears that the diagnostic test for the failing step is low by 1. The board and rear cover come out as one assembly.

Might be worthy to take a note of cable locations before removing PCBA:.

Digital board The outguard supplies were measured: The Fast test failure code is explained in section 2. Just like the first nothing else had changed so it will be recommended that all supplies be checked even if the manual states they are not part of the affected assembly.

In out units refereces were enclosed in datrron epoxy, and would be troublesome to remove from PCB for teardown. Datrno rear face Display: The power input filter was replaced. Normal measurement k Ohm resistor gain noise. Schematics clickable for PDF.

The current source was tested using Keithley Model as control meter.


| Datron DMM repair and calibration worklog

Patent data Secondary outputs of this low voltage transformer are rectified and regulated with usual LDO s to provide clean analog supply voltages. Decision to make this article public was done to aid other owners of these precision multimeters from Datron. As usual, all photos are clickable for high-resolution version.

There are different versions of with options keys, such as: DMM rear face Teardown Datron and lesser brother using interesting arrangement for primary power supply with two big toroidal transformers. The other two capacitors were surrounded by other parts preventing them from being changed easily. It was chosen to repair last repair due to the number of errors. The service manual includes diagrams of the circuit board parts involved with specific tests.

A quick test of the inguard supplies on the DC board showed the following values: The wires are a little short and there is some noticeable stress. Not good, as this shows someone was diagnosing an issue that required the board to be possibly removed from the frame.

Meter was failing with error message — C03 immediately after power on. It was also found that a plastic spacer that sits between the board and one of the standoffs was no longer in place. The power supplies will need to be checked first, as usual with old equipment repairs. During reassembly of the bottom half of the meter, it was discovered that the Current assembly had some difficulty with the three connectors at the front of the pcb.

The meter came up with no checksum errors. Ref- Magnitude Ratio drift. Also big credits to PeLuLe for complete service manuals, firmware v3. Model using two identical Linear LTZ based modules, labeled Datronwith custom hermetically sealed Vishay metal foil resistor network, while Model using LTZ module and LM module to save cost.


Digital board, courtesy of www. Datron Service manual, Calibration and servicing. All tests completed now without errors.

After disconnecting lots of cables and wires, main DC board was released and removed. Age — Very old instruments can suffer from age related failures caused by normal deterioration of components and assemblies over time.

DATRON 1281 8.5 DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter

The digital board is removed by taking out screws from the rear cover. Redistribution and use of this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:. It tests the mean value with the inputs shorted on the mV range. This colorful PCBA have all critical components for DC and main voltage reference modules, covered by black plastic covers.

Testing VFD display output and test connections Image 4: Datron also have self-cal technology, with is targeted to compete with Autocal feature of HP A.

Repair workflow, unit 2 This second unit actually happens to be the the first Datron acquired. However, after closer inspection, it was discovered that a couple of parts had been replaced sometime back in Normal ratron 1k resistor gain noise.