The SkyRidge™ transforms ambient lighting by perfectly blending a refined modern styling with our breakthrough WaveStream™ LED. The SkyRidge™ transforms ambient lighting by perfectly blending a .. Fifth Light solutions from Cooper Controls at SkyRidge is offered as either a 2′ by 2′ or a 2′ by 4′ troffer with precision-formed optics, including an optical-grade acrylic lens that uses the company’s.

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Select the product that you want to layer and click on one of the 4 icons on the tools on left-hand side of the palette. Here you’ll find products here that ONLY match your palette’s application, budget, colors and location. Upon clicking on an icon, you’ll be prompted with instructions. Create a FREE account in seconds.

We also provide your email skyrige the manufacturer that you request samples from so that they can get in touch with you regarding your samples. Drag products from your library to your palette and begin to design your palette. This is also where you log-in and log-out of promatsolutions. Simply click on the “Save” icon on the right-hand side of your palette. When making a new palette or editing your palette’s project details there is a little check-box at the end of the form.

Go to “My Palettes” at the top of the website. Skgridge is where you can select to make your palette private or public. You can rollover any product on the site to see a medium-sized view. If you leave the ProMatSolutions site for an extended period of time OR your xkyridge goes in sleep mode, you may loose your browser s,yridge and any unsaved palettes. You can edit your palette’s project sjyridge by clicking on the “Edit Project Details” icon on the right-hand side of the palette stage.


For more information, visit www. You have to select skyrodge product you want to use first before clicking on a tool. The request is sent to the manufacturer and then they handle your request from there. Request sample Add to library Add to palette. It’s free to join Pro Material Solutions!

You can view similar products, palettes with this product, download spec sheets, view a large sized image, share on social media and view product info. Rollover each icon to see what each tool does.

Pro Material Solutions is a SaaS company that provides the construction industry with a robust database of product information. If the editor takes way too long, please let us know.

All the tools to the left here are tools to manipulate the products on your palette.

If you’d like to share your palette via email click on this icon Simply fill out the “To” name and email, fill out a personal message and hit send! Click on the “Download Specs” icon on the right side of your palette.

Each tab on the toolbar has a unique function that allows you access products when making a palette. You’ll receive and email with a new temporary password. If you actually click on the product image, you’ll be taken to the “Product detail Page” where you can click on the little magnifying glass icon to see a large view. PaletteApp is a free digital design tool, so sign up and begin creating!


Cooper Lighting Metalux Skyridge 24SR LED 24SR-LDC-UNV-LCD1-U

If you’d like to reset all filters, click the “Reset” at the top. You can minimize this Toolbar at any time by clicking “Minimize” on the top right side of the bar. Ksyridge product is technically on a layer, so when trying to layer your products it may seem as if the product you are trying to move back or forward isn’t moving simply because it needs to move past each product layer.

You can opt into receiving product updates and news cpoper ProMatSolutions when you first sign-up. This guide is here to help you learn about the features of the Pro Material Solutions website and how to use them.

Right below the product image you’ll find all the social media links.

Then you can begin to create a palette by dragging products from the toolbar at the bottom of you screen to the palette stage.

When you’re done click “Guide Off”. To hide options simply click on the filter name. Click on the “Download Image” icon on the wkyridge side of your palette.

SkyRidge LED Series

Or if a product is on your palette, you skytidge simply click on the “Download Specs”. The recipient will get a special message with an image of the palette and a link to view it.

Click on any “?