Simple but accurate digital tachometer using microcontroller Has a resolution of 1 rev/sec. The tachometer use an optical pickup scheme for picking . Today, we are going to make a digital tachometer based on a PIC This tachometer can measure speeds up to RPM with the resolution . Sir, I want the code for the Contactless Digital Tachometer using PIC16FA. Abstract: This paper proposes a hardware design of an. “Digital Contact-less Tachometer” based on IR sensor for measuring the Revolutions Per Minute (RPM ).

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V remote to operate properly from distance of 5m at the most, on a sunny day with average temperature of Kelvin.

Contactless digital tachometer using 3 digit display and measures upto rev/sec

I used LM just because that was the only single supply opamp with me at the time. The job of this comparator unit is to cigital the spiky collector wave form into a neat square pulse train so that it can be applied to the microcontroller. Dear Sir, Kindly provide C code for better understanding.

When viewed through an oscilloscope the collector waveform of the photo transistor Q4 2N would look like this:. The output is given in rpm revolutions per minute and the number of digits are increased from 3 to 5. Hae there,i want to make the tracometer but a few things are troubling me.

The module is connected to the PC through serial port. From the above two graphs you can see that the negative going edge of the waveform indicates the passage of the reflective patch across the sensor and that means one revolution.

For this setup and every other setup based on principle of reflection of light the IR LED and the photo-sensor are placed contactles at a distance of mm from each other facing the obstruction which is generally less than 10cm away from the tip of IR LED.


Go through this article Delay using timer for a better grasp. The program actually counts the number of negative going pulses in 1. Voltmeter using Transistor intercom circuit. What is the use of burner circuit of microcontroller in this device? Timer 1 is configured as an 8 bit auto reload counter for registering the number of incoming zero going pulses and Timer0 is configured as contactlezs 16 bit timer which generate the necessary 1 second time span for the Timer1 to count.

But this distance varies according to the climatic conditions in the region and also other devices operating in the area. The circuit diagram of the digital tachometer is shown below. Thank you for all.

Embedded Lab

You may also tacbometer For sending the light across directly max distance is about 10m or more with a very high sensitivity photo detector and high intensity IR LED. The usage of LTH photo interrupter module makes it more rugged and stable.

If possible would u please furnish me with the PCB layout of the circuit of tachometer using given. Digital tachometer using Dual supply opamps configured in single supply mode will not give results like a dedicated single supply opamp in the same situation.

You can use any single supply opamp that matches our supply voltage 5V. You have to test and calibrate your sensors based on application.

contactlesss For project purpose of measurement a distance below 1meter is suitable, but higher distances are possible if sensors are properly calibrated. Digital tachometer using admin April 20, 39 Comments.

Can you feed me thw same circuit with high sensitivity. The working principle is almost similar to that of the previous version but the program is heavily modified. Interfacing Nokia Display to Micro Controller Moisture digiatl automatic plant watering system using I want to ask whether the mechanism in this project counts the pulses for 60 seconds and then display it if so then how to configure to delay time for 60 sec and at the same time count dogital pulses in that duration?


Contactless digital tachometer using The circuit diagram of the LCD tachometer using is given below. Your email address will not be published. You an use Keil to code, compile and test the program code. Only one opamp inside the quad LM is used here and it is wired as a comparator with reference voltage set at 3. For the counting purpose both the timers of Timer0 and Timer1 are used. Military uses high grade IR sensors that are able to operate for distances of few 10Km to Km.

This is done just because to save my time but not a text book method. Can you Provide an lcd version dgital it please! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Any special interface diigtal

This is for my study and teaching the program how to srite Thanks a lot for the Originators. Heart rate monitor with sms alert. Can this circuit be purchased on this site?

Dogital user interface for programming the microcontroller comes with the ISP module. In the crystal frequency is divided by 12 using an internal network before applying it as a clock for the timer.