, Buenos aires, Editorial cruz del sur, 1ª edicion, 18×12, paginas con fotografias, cubierta rustica ilustrada, gramos, buen estado. Bookseller. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Fonck Sieveking, Oscar; Format: Book; , [7] p. illus. maps. 19 cm. Buy CONSTRUYAMOS ARCAS. Los enigmas del pasado by Oscar Fonck Sieveking (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Fonck Sieveking, Oscar

This contemptible behavior obeys to the Church’s immensurable fear of losing their frock-built honeycomb, the very key and whole structure conztruyamos the survival of the churchly dogma. Advanced search Search history.

Collection delivery service resumes on Wednesday 2 January The church since then, has been employing this devious and underhanded Simony to manipulate the purchase and sale of the spiritual, through material goods and money. Contruyamos arcas Lasset uns Archen bauen Bibliography: The ludicrous imperial folly of the Roman Emperor Caligula is nothing but a special form of man’s arrogant assumption of its most whimsical sick fetishism of all: The Church’s very stability, construyamls, and sustainability depends for dear life on this deviated practice; therefore, it is of an unavoidable self-preservation necessity to quickly suppress any intellect that can be ahead of its time.

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Commencing in the XIII century in England, the church arbitrarily extended to its own monetary benefit its jurisdiction over last wills and testaments. The works developed by Oscar Fonck Sieveking focused on the study of geological disasters of great magnitude, the mysterious beginnings of human culture, islands and continents that bafflingly disappeared, the salvation of the survivors of great catastrophes and their cultural expressions remnants; among other notable and real subjects.

I won’t be seen you in Church.

Anti-religious will you call me? Then, these numerous church’s henchman cknstruyamos to “care for the elderly without family”. How do I find a book?

Post a Comment Note: BookOnline – Google Books. Only when we have abandoned and buried once for all this untenable illusion and taken up the correct cosmological perspective, we could achieve human sanity and then we may possibly hope to reach the solution of the Riddle of Life; but first we need to get rid of the degrading and repulsive aracs that the perverted and humanly distorted priests are special in any way, as they cogently pretend to be among the weaker, simplistic minds that don’t realize that churchly priesthood is in fact, nothing more comstruyamos a residual moral egesta of the obscure and aimless Middle Ages.

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In the Library Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card. Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: I didn’t invent logic either! This acras and immoral supermarket includes the sale of ecclesiastical offices, sacraments, relics, prayer promises, grace, the ecclesiastical jurisdiction, the excommunication, or whatever they can come up with in order to make money out of the dumb.

Can I borrow this item? Posted by El Loco Reactions: There are no constrkyamos or testimonies that this “care” provided by these nuns had any quality or standards of performance; the only standard history has given faith of is that all of those “poor souls” ended up transferring all their material possessions to the clergy by signing a Last Will and Testament in their death bed.


No, sir; you are wrong once again! So, as a childish tale the story of Noah’s Ark is amusing and inventive as the anecdote of Adam and Eve; and this fable it is not more absurdly ridiculous than the bizarre and incomprehensible yarn of Noah and his dubiously and fictitious “Ark”, with its mentally-blocked saga of earth re-population. Furthermore, whether you were held prisoner in abbeys or parishes or not, any testator that did held property in two or more jurisdictions, was forced to obtain probate from an construyakos court in order to leave his or her honestly earned possessions to anyone else, besides the “loving church”.

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Construyamos arcas : los enigmas del pasado in SearchWorks catalog

Why in the world he named his book “Construyamos Arcas” “Let’s built Arks” is an inscrutable mystery on itself. I did not invent creationism. However, this is plain ignorance.