Confessions of an Antinatalist. Publisher: Nine Banded Books. Author: Jim Crawford. Release Date: Out Now! Price: $ U.S. Shipping: Jim Crawford – Confessions of an Antinatalist – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A review of Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford, a memoir-cum- manifesto explaining why human life should not exist.

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Difference between a non-existing person and an existing one, who may fall ill. Now what could be more humanist than that.

Childhood sucks and Confessions of an Antinatalist

Pretty much summarizes what I’ve always known. Want to Read saving…. So, in other words, if we consult history and economics, if anything the answer we get is to actually produce more people, not less. Some people reproduce consciously. Major Brocelot rated it really liked it Apr 19, And what we see is people embracing life, for the most part.

Childhood sucks and Confessions of an Antinatalist

In the absence of existence, there is no pleasure and no pain. For instance, I believe most people antinataliist find consideration of possible harmful genetic factors extremely relevant when deciding whether or not to conceive.

Is aj not possible that football players could eventually begin to realize that football, however fun and profitable it may be at times, is wildly and predictably dangerous, exploitative, and ultimately useless? The main idea of the book is that suffering is bad and that life encompasses so antinatakist suffering that it overshadows any good it might contain.


Yes, because when preventing the fire, you are concerned with already existing things—the people, the houses, the forest, etc.

People pump out kids, these days, citing it as an obligation, with the rest of society obliged to pay the bill.

Now, Hollywood is our criterion for demonstrating tangible reality. Schools are simply a way of ensuring that people don ‘t get to think for themselves – a kind of ‘brainwashing ‘ to ‘socialize ‘ people at an early age, so that they can accept as perfectly normal and reasonable the profit motive, hierarchy, aspiration, nation-states But it exists uniformly across the species. We need to create sufferers in order to prevent suffering.

Now you may say that, all things considered, Xonfessions should get interested in football because my life would become more exciting if I did. This, to them, is progress. That is the GIFT of life… experience.

I certainly would rather have my life with its attendant suffering than never to have been born. My problem is with bringing new life into what ultimately amounts to an arena of death, where their final reward will be reverting back to the very state they were in in the confesions place.

May 30, Mohab rated it really liked it. BTW, those of us who swallow the blind faith axiom that human life has some inherent value are probably oriented to creating more of it not necessarily irresponsibly, of course.

We can all decide a base value, and decide individual values, but those are all assigned, not inherent. The next few months were bad. Why arbitrarily choose pain?

Confessions of an Antinatalist

Life also causes untold joy. As existing beings, we all reside somewhere between these two poles, moving back and forth at the whims of chance.


Potential persons have benefit foisted upon them as well. To ask other readers questions about Confessions of an Antinatalistplease sign up. Without life, that goal has no meaning. How can one act morally toward someone who does not exist? Again, it cuts both ways. For many, life is a waking nightmare, a horror foisted upon them by others for their own selfish reasons.

Just like the green slips of paper in my wallet have some value that make them worth protecting from thieves. Ajtinatalist, simply a different blind faith axiom. After I finished I just wanted to hug Jim and cry.

But they only have the freedom to choose if they already exist. Sign up for my email list and receive a free copy of Confessions of an Online Cofnessions and Writing for Peanuts, as well as biweekly newsletters featuring exclusive news you won’t find anywhere else.

As a 40 year old married childless woman who has run the gauntlet of questions, disbelief and pleas from those demanding to know what is wrong with me, I’d direct them to this book and then to the teachings of Philip Larkin, and his amazing poem This Be The Verse.