Editions. Confessions of a Mask . Yukio Mishima He must wear a false mask and hide his true nature, whatever the cost. ‘A terrific and. Confessions Of A Mask. Fiction by Yukio Mishima. Confessions of a Mask tells the story of Kochan, an adolescent boy tormented by his. This autobiographical novel, regarded as Mishima’s finest book, is the haunting story of a Japanese boy’s development toward a homosexual identity during and .

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The Colossus of Maroussi Henry Miller. Archived from the original on He says it a lot. I’d have it narrower.

So yeah, that blew my mind. It also provides us with an intimate story of how many homosexuals struggle with their sexual identity and off grow up or end up giving up Why demean the animals when we bestow the same courtesy to our fellow members? View all 15 comments.

In his account of beauty and love, affection and bravery, friendship and isolation, lies a seething pain that is not hungry for an antidote; instead, it breathes on its charred body, heavily and without restraint. Only I would have stared at something else than armpit hair.

Mishima’s weakling in a world of military machismo in ‘Confessions of a Mask’ | The Japan Times

In those days, one had to have either medals or illness. Like Notes and Nadjahowever, the “real action” occurs in the subjective reflection that follows. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Mishima’s attempt at portrayal of homosexuality gives only mix tesults. A fascinating read for all with an interest in the works of Yukio Mishima.


You might argue that the novel is pretentious—and, oh Yujio, it is!

This includes an admiration for Roman sculptures and statues of men in dynamic physical positions. Yet, contained within are some truly gorgeous, descriptive passages to immerse yourself in, which prefigure that older Mishima I cherish so much. A book can be a doorway into another human aa – that is the power misbima reading. Published inwritten in his early twenties, yuiio book bought him all the success.

To survive, he must live behind a mask of propriety. The title see A book can be a doorway into another human heart – that is the power of reading.

Quotes from Confessions of a Mishima was Kawabata’s protege. Until then I had mistakenly thought I was only poetically attracted to such things, thus confusing the nature of my sensual desires with a system of [a]esthetics. Actually, the thought that I might reach the height of an adult filled me with a foreboding of some fearful danger.

Confessions of a Mask

How would I feel if I were a normal person? So, support is welcome. Henry Miller on Writing Henry Miller. So it was not my maturity but my sense of uneasiness, my uncertainty, that was forcing me to gain control over my consciousness. Similarly, as the ownership of a travel is lost with its commencement, the journey of mask becomes a reckless place for riots and revolutions.


Confessions Of A Mask

And – still – at the close of the book – the character continues to avoid himself and chase after a girl he has used as his foil and who is now married to another man. The story itself – specifically the main voice, a young man Yulio himself?

A world where rape, incest is placed on a identical immoral dais as homosexuality is certainly a malignant society. The story of a man coming to terms with his homosexuality in traditional Japanese society has become a modern classic. But a whole book? Looking back on the dogged nature of canine fiction With the success of ‘s cofessions Traveling Cat Chronicles” mishoma a clutter mishmia famous feline-linked Japanese tales, cats definitely receive literary affection in Japan.

I can’t imagine someone who’s not queer understanding everything that’s going on in this book, and that’s not me espousing the “everyone’s actually a little bit gay” bullshit. That was raised to be soldiers – including the famous suicide bombers. His ideal was ‘bunbu ryodo’, the way of the pen and the sword.

Book ratings by Goodreads.