Bishop Kaye (Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria, p. 48) translates, “receiving from man that which made man (that on account. Title: The Instructor (Paedagogus). Author: Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, approximately approximately Link: HTML with commentary at CCEL. Paedagogus by Clement of Alexandria. Also spelled “Pædagogus”, originally παιδαγωγός in Greek, commonly translated as “The Instructor” or.

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For when the soul is adorned by the Holy Spiritand inspired with the radiant charms which proceed from Him — righteousness, wisdom, fortitudetemperancelove of the goodmodesty, than which no more blooming color was ever seen — then let coporeal beauty be cultivated too, symmetry of limbs and members, with a fair complexion.

Beside them women stand in the stews, offering their own flesh for hire for lewd pleasure, and boys, taught to deny their sex, act the part of women.

It was a cake of barley and a jar of water. For the Word is a possession that wants nothing, and is the cause of all abundance. To others who walk into the country, or go down into the town, the walk is sufficient exercise.

And the treasures of wisdom are unfailing, in admiration of which the apostle says, O the depth of the riches and the wisdom! Esther alone we find justly adorned. And so very rarely does he inherit the kingdom of God. But the hair on the chin is not to be disturbed, as it gives no trouble, and lends to the face dignity and paternal terror. Perish, then, the savage beasts whose food is blood! And that decoration makes women courtesans, and men effeminate and adulterers, the tragic poet is a witness ; thus discoursing: For we must not so use the bath as to require an assistant, nor are we to bathe constantly and often in the day as we frequent the market-place.

Disease in both is known from the look.


For of the whole body, the eyes are first destroyed. If you bring fine flour, the vain oblation is an abomination to me.

If you had a personal account on the old platform, click here. But those who act contrary to these things — the avaricious, the liars, the hypocrites, those who make merchandise of the truth — the Lord cast out of His Father’s court, not willing that paedagogue holy house of God should be the house of unrighteous traffic either in words or in material things.

And as the foot is the measure of the shoe, so also is the body of what each individual possesses. These things your wise laws allow: There are, then, four reasons for the bath for from that point I digressed in my orationfor which we frequent it: Let us not be weary in well-doing: And it is not jewels, or gold, paedagogue clothing, or beauty of person, that are of high value, but virtue ; which is the Word given paedagogs the Instructor to be put in practice.

Nor is a man in health to use his servants as horses to bear him.

Paedagogus – Wikipedia

I would counsel the married never to kiss their wives in the presence of their domestics. And if you hear me, you shall be saved. Her husband also, and he praises her. They had no instructor to restrain their lustsnor one to say, Do not commit adultery ; nor, Lust not; or, Travel not by lust into adultery ; or further, Influence not your passions by desire of adornment. And gold-plated chairs, and silver ones, too, and ten thousand vessels of gold and silver, some for drinking, some for eating, some for bathing, are carried about with them.

For the intention of His law is to dissipate fearemancipating free-will in order to faith. Do they happen to be black? And outside they foolishly amuse themselves with impious playing, and amatory quavering, occupied with flute-playing, and dancing, and intoxication, and all kinds of trash.

For if people shall say that they betake themselves to the spectacles as a pastime for recreation, I should say that the cities which make a serious business of pastime are not wise; for cruel contests for glory which have been so fatal are not sport.

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If you know me, the fire will be your slave.

Clementis Alexandrini Paedagogus

While he yet retained the ornament, the hair of the chin showed him to be a man. Unawares the poor wretches destroy their own beauty, by the introduction of what is spurious. Men, therefore, affording to women a noble example of truthalfxandria to be ashamed at their stripping before them, and guard against these dangerous sights; for he alexanxria has looked curiously, it is said, has sinned already.

As you might expect, they become lazy in housekeeping, sitting like painted things to be looked at, not as if made for domestic economy.

It is the best possession to its possessor, rendering man paedagobus blessed. Depart from the paths of deceit. And if Plutus is blind, are not those women that are crazy about him, and have a fellow-feeling with him, blind too? An odour of a sweet fragrance, it is said, is the heart that glorifies Him who made it.

Clement of Alexandria

Alexandra is this for ornament, but for sealing things which are worth keeping safe in the house in the exercise of their charge of housekeeping. To noble purpose has pwedagogus Church sung, and the Bridegroom also, the only Teacher, the good Counsel, of the good Father, the true Wisdom, the Sanctuary of knowledge. And if Moses commanded men to make not an image to represent God by art, how can these women be right, who by their own reflection produce an imitation of their own likeness, in order to the falsifying of their faces?