{loadposition article-preamble} Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our. {loadposition article-preamble} Hi Everyone, If you live with more disorganized clutter in your life than you might like, then you should find Figen Genco’s use of. Clutter is a huge problem for many of us and it can manifest in many ways from our physical clutter to our emotional clutter of fear and not.

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Focus on an area or items that you want to go through and clean up. We then simply tapped away the fears: I am going to use video tapes for this script but you may substitute whatever you wish. fft

Using EFT for clearing clutter and organizing your life | Using EFT | Articles & Ideas

Medical transcriptionist says that in thousands of serious medical cases, she never saw a cure for anyone Resolving emotional causes for erectile dysfunction A rft woman no longer feels intimidated around tall people after one EFT session EFT substantially aids swallowing problem Tapping along with a prayer Methods for working with pain Manifesting the life of your clraring with EFT Can EFT be used to manifest what you want in your life?

Mercola Part 3 Do you attract clients that want everything for free? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A drunk driver had killed her only child, a much-adored 11 year-old daughter. Mercola — Part 6 of 7 Tips for when clients have difficulty accessing their clearkng Hearing voices and multiple issues relieved: We put aside the UTS for the moment to work on the obstacle of the fears in her way.

Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence | General | Articles & Ideas

Was this a negative reaction to EFT? But again, all of these clutterr and issues are just symptoms. The Apex Effect — client cannot even remember the details of her former problem Dr. Strong correlation found between EFT and Dr. Two successes where the client surrogate taps for other people–everyone benefits Tips to consider when you have had “incomplete success” with an EFT client Conversations with Dr.


Tapping script for clutter clearing items. My life is comfortable, easy, and free with my clean, well-organized, tidy lifestyle. Not finding the right words for EFT is a block that can be overcome High blood pressure recedes – and remains normal a week later Deborah Miller beautifully reframes an assault issue into a new personal identity The many benefits of EFT circles–and how to do them Why does tapping on the side of the hand work?

Determine the aith that started the feeling of loss of power or loss of control and neutralize it. Getting yourself out of the way. She was responding very well and reached a zero in intensity at the end of this process the first round of the remaining issue, the second round of positive affirmations – choosing to let it go – and the third round alternating negative and positive statements at each consecutive point.

It’s never too late to clear useless childhood beliefs EFT for the emotional aspects of a Cesarean Section Ten steps to changing your limiting responses to a falling economy EFT for stammering Dr.

Getting yourself out of the way.

I could also see clhtter physical evidence of this new emotion on her face and throat. Thanks to Lindsay Kenny for giving us this mega-detailed article on how to apply EFT to this complicated issue.

Using EFT for clearing clutter and organizing your life

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. With the cause of lcearing clutter issue now put to rest, we could then move on to fixing the symptom of clutter problem. Clutter is often triggered by an event or a series of events that left the victim feeling traumatized, cleafing, and powerless. Using surrogate EFT for easing a courtroom testimony A followup after a surrogate session in Albuquerque–Betsy’s impressive results A touching story: How to use EFT with your dreams to collapse important emotional issues Resolving two bothersome tics with EFT Saying “goodbye” with the An at risk coronary patient has normal arteries and flawless angiogram after persistent EFT for two months Tapping while responding to a nasty comment from the past EFT in a plane for scary facial paralysis – a doctor on board said it was Bell EFT enhances the “Artist’s Way” work Do we need to heal the past so that we can move into the future?


Clutter is a huge problem for many of us and it can manifest in many ways from our physical clutter to our emotional clutter of fear and not feeling good enough. Problems that are difficult to assess in the here and now. I could have started the whole process with this as well, but the underlying grief issue was so apparent that I wanted to eliminate that first. Being unwilling to let go of things is a way people can feel in control of their lives.

We used the phrase, Even though I feel nervous about this process… After the first two rounds, her level of intensity came down to 2 out of 10 from 9.

She was curious, and she wanted to try it. UL — What if I need them? Next, we added some of those positive phrases to the UTS, so that it read something like this: Her whole life was turned upside down in a flash. Her face got red, and I saw she was trying hard to swallow down tears. This was clearly more than just a messy house. On a scale of 10 to 1, with 10 feeling and owning the statement right now, she was at a 5. Hearing Voices–EFT achieves more in one session than 13 years of medications and traditional therapy.

With this knowledge we first cleared out her grief and trauma about losing her husband and daughter. This was a statement Janice could not only live with, but loved! Keep going until it reaches 0. EFT for making your voice stronger A new kind of mosquito relief? In a way, holding onto her fears, control issues, and clutter was her way of holding on to her family!

True clutter however, and I mean really messy environments, is really a symptom of something other than a busy lifestyle. I stopped and asked her if this process was making her nervous. Ten minutes of EFT restores healthy performance in the bedroom – eliminates the need for the little blue pill Using the term “somehow