: Clairvoyance (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. Clairvoyance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. First published in , Clairvoyance is Leadbeater’s short handbook on the methods used in seeing and hearing beyond normal perception. Humans can only. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is a Theosophical manual of the phenomena of Clairvoyance, the mental viewing of things far removed in space and/or time.

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Clairvoyance By C. W. Leadbeater, Free ebook | Global Grey

Better to leadbwater good than to feel bad, of course; but still it is not quite all that is meant. One or other of those things we ought to be trying to do, and we must not let it become vague.

Glimpses in the Twilightpage That force may have enabled him to materialize himself for a moment, in which case of course no clairvoyance was needed; or more probably it may have acted mesmerically upon the percipient, and momentarily dulled his physical and stimulated his higher sensitiveness. You know if you are trying any sort of physical clairvoyahce for training purposes how much more effective it is to do a little regularly than to make a violent effort one day, and then do nothing for a week.

The moment that the intentness of his thought fails the whole vision is gone, and he will have to construct a fresh thought-form before he can resume it.


He therefore sees what is going on in an adjoining room almost as though no intervening wall existed; he can describe with accuracy claurvoyance contents of a locked box, or read a sealed letter; with a little practice he can find a given passage in a closed [Page 28] book.

We may presume that clairboyance it were possible for a man to be isolated during his evolution from all but the gentlest outside influences, and to unfold from the beginning [Page 18] in perfectly regular and normal fashion, he would probably develop his senses in regular order also. Books by Charles W.

Andrew Lang puts it, “stare into a crystal ball, a cup, a mirror, a clarivoyance of ink Egypt and Indiaa drop of blood among that Maories of New Zealanda bowl of water Red Indiana clairvoyancw Roman and Africanwater in a [Page 75] glass bowl in Fezor almost any polished surface”.

CarmanAshley clairvoyanfe it really liked it Oct 09, In the other a Quaker lady dying at Cockermouth is clearly seen and recognized in daylight by her three children at Settle, the remainder of the story being practically identical with the one given above. I have seen something of this, and also of the practices of the Obeah or Voodoo votaries among the Negroes; but these latter are usually connected with magical ceremonies, loathsome, indecent, horrible, such as none of us would dream of touching for any purpose, whatever results might be promised to us.


Among the great host of the recently dead he will find all degrees of consciousness and intelligence, and all shades of character – for death, which seems to our limited vision so absolute a change, in reality alters nothing of the man himself. Lang gives us a very good example of the kind of vision most frequently seen in this way. If the man sought be a stranger to the seeker, the latter will need something connected with him to act as a clue – a photograph, a letter written by him, an article which has belonged to him, and is impregnated with his personal magnetism; any of these would do in the hands of a practiced seer.

There are leadbaeter, certain practical difficulties in the way of using these etheric vibrations for that is, of course, what they are as the medium by means of which one may see anything taking place at a distance. While they last they are capable of entering into any mind that happens to come their way, and so it comes that as we walk along the road we leave a trail of feeble thought behind us, and the next man who passes that way finds these valueless fragments intruding themselves upon his consciousness.

So among the dead our student will find men intelligent and stupid, kind-hearted and morose, [Page 41] serious and frivolous, spiritually-minded and sensually-minded, just as among the living. That effort will not immediately bring a result, in all probability; but if we make it every day in our regular meditation, the time will certainly come when it will meet with full success.

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater

Let us take this last one first, and get it out of our way. But if you looked at it astrally you would see all the sides at once, and all the right way up, as though the whole cube had been flattened out before you, and you would see every particle of the inside as well – not through the others, but all all flattened out.

Having made such an image, our thought would then run along some such line as this: If you are writing a letter, think of your letter and of nothing else until it is finished; it will be all the better written for such care.

Naturally a seer whose consciousness did not range higher than the astral plane – who employed therefore one of the earlier methods of seeing – would not be able to find a person upon the [devachanic] mental plane at all; yet even he would at least be able to tell that the man sought for was upon that plane, from the mere fact that the striking of the chord as far up as the astral level produced no response. The student of such a subject needs an inexhaustible fund of patience and steady perseverance, but if he goes on long enough he will begin dimly to discern order behind the chaos, and will gradually get some idea of the [Page 49] great laws under which the whole evolution is working.


And not only would he see new objects that were wholly of these new colours, but he would also discover that modifications had been introduced into the colour of many objects with which he was quite familiar, according to whether they had [Page 32] or had not some tinge of these new hues intermingled with the old. I take it that that is really what is meant by the word meditation.

It also is not easy, but its practice cannot but be of the greatest use to the man. On this subject Mrs. Not only can he visit without trouble or expense all the beautiful and famous places of the earth, but if he happens to be a scholar, think what it must mean to him that he has access to all the libraries of the world! It will be obvious from what has previously been [Page 51] said as to the power of astral vision that any one possessing it in its fulness will be able to see by its means practically anything in this world that he wishes to see.

This is a case in which the psychic nature is already sensitive, but the consciousness is not yet capable of functioning in it amidst the manifold distractions of physical life. Try to follow the thought back to its genesis, and you will probably be surprised to find how many desultory thoughts have wandered through your brain during the previous five minutes, just dropping in and dropping out again and leaving almost no impression.

An instance of a lady well-known to myself, who frequently thus appears to friends at a distance, is given by Mr. There are even many ways in which the faculty may be gained, though most of them are unsafe and eminently undesirable, and there is only one that can be thoroughly and unreservedly recommended to all men alike.

There may be, however, some of us whose minds are not constructed along that particular line, and they may find meditation more useful and more profitable for them. They are well aware also that only under such guidance can a man develop his latent powers in safety and with certainty, since they know how fatally easy it is for the untrained clairvoyant to deceive himself as to the meaning and value of what he sees, or even absolutely to distort his vision completely leadbfater bringing it down into his physical consciousness.

To look at it in every possible light and try to penetrate its meaning, to reach a new and deep thought or receive some intuitional light upon it—that is meditation.