Can be this chip a sample? I check the codes on the internet and other chips seems to have only B, B2, A Thank you. The DKPCI board (versions A, B, C) includes a number of resistor installation options allowing GPIO pins from the F or B devices to perform. This manual is copyrighted by Chips and Technologies, Inc. You may not .. Summary of Pin Function Changes (From to ).

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So the driver will attempt to round-up the virtual Dhips dimension to a multiple of 64, but leave the virtual resolution untouched. This option might also be needed to reduce the speed of the memory clock with the ” Overlay ” option. With this option all of the graphics are rendered into chups copy of the framebuffer that is keep in the main memory of the computer, and the screen is updated from this copy. This chip is specially manufactured for Toshiba, and so documentation is not widely available.

Modeline “x 8bpp” See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab However, some machines appear to have this feature incorrectly setup. The xx MMIO mode has been implemented entirely from the manual as I don’t have the hardware to test it on. Note that the reverse is also true. For instance, the line.


Note that this option using the f6555 engine to its limit, and some manufacturers have set a default memory clock that will cause pixel errors with this option. Take a look at our Returning an item help page for more details. Add to Watch list Watching.

For other screen drawing related problems, try the ” NoAccel ” or one of the XAA acceleration options discussed above. This option might also be used to reduce the speed of the memory clock to preserve power in modes that don’t need the full speed of the memory to work correctly. There is no facility in the current Xservers to specify these values, and so the server attempts to read the panel size from the chip. If you exceed the maximum set by the memory clock, you’ll get corruption on the screen during graphics operations, as you will be starving the HW BitBlt engine of clock cycles.


Dual refresh rate display can be selected with the ” DualRefresh ” option described above. The effect of this problem will be that the lower part of the screen will reside in the same memory as the frame accelerator and will therefore be corrupt.

It is possible to use the fixed clocks chhips by the chip instead by using this option. Note that chups the this is required as the base address can’t be correctly probed. This allows the user to select a different clock for the server to use when returning to the text console. You may not reproduce, transmit, transcribe, storepublication without the express written permission of Chips and Technologies, Inc.

The current programmable clock will be given as the last clock in the list.

For chipsets incapable of colour depths greater that 8bpp like thethe dotclock limit is solely determined by the highest dotclock the video processor is capable of handling. See ct for details.

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The XVideo extension has only recently been added to the chips driver. If the user has used the ” UseModeline ” or ” FixPanelSize ” options the panel timings are derived from the mode, which can be different than the panel size.

This option allows the user to force the server the reprogram the flat panel clock f665550 of the modeline with HiQV chipset. For chipsets that support hardware cursors, this option enforces their use, even for cases that chjps known to cause problems on some machines. Buy it now – Add to Watch list Chipss to your Watch list. This sets the default pixel value for the YUV video overlay key.


By default the two display share equally the available memory. This problem has been reported under UnixWare 1.

However, 8 and 24 bit colour depths seem to work fine. Select a valid country. Cchips the maximum size of the desktop with this option is x, as this is the largest window that the HiQV multimedia engine can display. When the chipset is capable of linear addressing and it has been turned off by default, this option can be used to turn it back on. Chipe using this check that the server reports an incorrect panel size.

However to use the dual-head support is slightly more complex. The authors of this software wish to acknowledge the support supplied by Chips and Technologies during the development of this software.

The HiQV series of chips doesn’t need to use additional clock cycles to display higher depths, and so the same modeline can be used at all depths, without needing to divide the clocks. There are 1, items available. A ” letterbox ” effect with no stretching can be achieved t65550 this option. If the colours seem darker than they should be, perhaps your ramdac is has 8 significant bits. However it additionally has the ability for mixed 5V and 3. Many DSTN screens use frame acceleration to improve the performance of the screen.

Typically this is probed correctly, but if you believe it to be mis-probed, this option might help. Have one to sell? It is possible that the chip could be misidentified, particular due to interactions with other drivers in the server. This option f65505 only useful when acceleration can’t be used and linear addressing can be used. Using this option the user can override the maximum dot-clock and specify any value they prefer. Add to basket .