The Anthills of the Savannah Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Chinua Achebe The novel Anthills of the Savanah is a socio-political commentary set in the fictitious nation of Kangan. : Anthills of the Savannah (): Chinua Achebe: Books. Anthills of the Savannah and millions of other books are available for. Mar 22, The novels of the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe present an essential Anthills of the Savannah, Achebe’s first novel in more than 20 years.

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Charles Johnson, writing for the Washington Postpraised the book, but faulted Achebe for failing to fully flesh out his characters. The finale is definitely very underwhelming. Het beschreven gedrag is helaas maar al te herkenbaar en Achebe’s geboorteland Nigeria waar de Big Chiefs de Big Thieves worden genoemd is daar echt een akelig precies voorbeeld van. After a sad coverage of a public execution at a beach, Ikem writes an editorial appealing to the Head of State to amend the Public Executions Decree and the Head of State does accordingly but Chris argues that the gesture of the Head of State has nothing to do with Ikem’s compelling editorial.

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe | : Books

Achebe strives to capture this standard template of vitiation with an orginality and passion that elicits a level of empathy and passion against the ruling elite. A seemingly benevolent dictator takes over from an unbiasedly corrupt “democracy”; the dictator decides to stay in power “only till conditions are restored for democracy”; people are exploited; the ruling class is full of sycophantic country brutes; intellectual opposition is snuffed saavnna literally surreptitiously; times are ripe for another palace coup – the list in its variants is snthills breakingly similar across the TPSCDs Tin pot so called democracies of the world.

No sooner has the duo lie down to sleep than some soldiers and police detectives drive in to search Savana flat as the ultimate search for Chris continues.

It is a form of punishment for the wrong doers. He was Ikem’s headmaster back in the primary school.

tue We first see him as the chairman of the high-level inquiry set up by the Kangan Military junta to look into the purported scuffle between Ikem and the security officers who were sent to carry out his arrest for question. Although Elewa does not show any overt romantic love for Ikem throughout the novel, she no doubt weeps uncontrollably when she receives the news of his death.


Book 1 done and dusted. Eventually the new Sandhurst-trained ruler Sam toppled, and Chris the government’s commissioner for information is also killed. In the fracas that ensues, the cop shoots Chris dead.

Since Major Sam does not have a wife or a girlfriend, I may be tempted to conclude that he is sexually loose and irresponsible. They also praise Ikem’s bold attempts to address the plight of the dregs of the society through his pen.

The province of Abazon and the anthills found there. This chapter records some of the activists’ activities of Ikem which make him dearer to the people and a deadly enemy of Major Sam. In my opinion, Chris is the hero of Anthills. In fact, he is assassinated after this outing. thd

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe

As a psychological fiction, Achebe uses it to mirror the inner landscape of the heart. This is overtly revealed in his fretting attitude when the people of Abazon lead peaceful demonstrations to the State House.

In fact, the police are celebrating the demise of Major Sam’s regime. Although we don’t hear anything from him directly, from what we are told, by his pupil, John Williams belongs to the conservative class of English people and he has had great influence on Sam.

Among his classmates were Christopher Okigbo and Chukwuemeka Ike. Not quite long, Chris is declared a wanted person by the military junta. They are cardboard cutouts of “Romantic Characters” you might find in thousands of other fictional political wavanna.

I am laughing because in you young people our world has met its match. Agatha is Beatrice’s flighty, religious, and judgmental house girl.

To give vent wchebe his anger, Chris calls Ikem into his office and rebukes him for his ‘insensitive’ editorials and vouches never to defend him at the cabinet meetings but Ikem promises never to relent. Even India sometimes appears to be in similar clutches at time when the Government cchinua unsteady like a house of cards, ready to tumble down with the merest chinus. It’s probably the first novel I read with extensive use of “non-standard” English, and I remember finding it a little difficult at first.

Anthills of Savannah is a story of a nation facing the political conundrum of a new found independence. Kangan, aka Nigeria – for it bears an unmistakable resemblance to that country – I have been to visit you. Second, the dynamic depiction of mundane leads to a dynamic characterization of Kangan Nigerian life. They also write to the Anthill of the same magazine demanding fhinua apology for the calumnious and sensational headline about Ikem which they see as insult tne students and their guest lecturer.


Chinua Achebe is een bekende Nigeriaanse schrijver en was politiek ssvanna tijdens de Biafraoorlog. He became fascinated with world religions and traditional African cultures, and began writing stories as a university student. Anthills of the Savannah see Achebe returning to similar territory as his last novel, A Man of the People — politics of post-colonial Africa. Journal of New African Writing. After the meeting, Ikem goes out to where he parked his car and a policeman on duty at the hotel accuses him of not putting on his parking lights.

Another fantastic book by Chinua Achebe. Aachebe was his fifth novel, first published in the UK 21 years after Achebe’s previous one A Man of the People inand was credited with having “revived his reputation in Britain”.

All of the male characters are Lord Jim — they are Romantic, Intellectual, This is a curious one — it begins so intriguingly like the aachebe of political satires, and ends as a bundle of cliches and unambiguous ambiguities.

I promise you will love it! The Quest for Good Governance: Lord Acton’s Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely plus life as intrinsically optimistic, closing with childbirth and the naming of a child suggests a brighter future in which tradition doesn’t have to loose out to modernity and that community can survive despite the main action of the novel in which we learn that three friends have since decolonialisation grown apart and power requires them to become enemies.

Although he is an active public official, Alhaji Mahmoud does not always appear in public functions. I had a difficult time following a lot of the action–he switches POVs frequently–and the dialogue, much of which is in a pigeon dialect that has a fantastic effect but I found almost impossible to understand.

The masses are always tolerating the excesses of those in power.