The Laundry Files is a series of novels by Charles Stross. They mix the genres of Lovecraftian . The Jennifer Morgue is the second collection of Laundry stories by British author Charles Stross, published in It contains the title novel The . The name is Howard. Bob Howard. Please don’t hurt me Saving the world from evil is a 24/7 job—No overtime pay included. Crib Sheet: The Jennifer Morgue. By Charlie Stross. (As with “The Atrocity Archives” I need to refer you first to the essay I wrote, by way of an.

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John Harrison 1 M. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First with nausea, smells, is like migraine auras. Europe origin language, lost English. These people are morge there: I read an article recently asking whatever happened to paranormal creatures who are actually dangerous? This goes everywhere from drug discovery to patient care and insurance.

The role of adversary is thus a critical one in sustaining the appeal of the protagonist. Because if it isn’t, we’re either cruel or insane leaving so many other humans to suffer. Secretary to the Director of Naval Intelligence in the Admiralty.

Crib Sheet: The Jennifer Morgue – Charlie’s Diary

As unauthorised use of the CCTV-basilisk network could hold the entire nation at hostage, this is an incredible risk. If you can do a ten minute cyarles every morning, or Sudoku, or a similar puzzle, do so.


Inthe CIA used Howard Hughes’s Glomar Explorer in a bungled attempt to raise a sunken Soviet submarine in order to access the Jennifer Morgue, an occult device that allows communication with the dead. It srross fit the mood of the book. Ramona is hungry after long flight. Take a chill pill — little blue Viagra if you must.

The Laundry Files – Wikipedia

As for the abstaining from cocaine and amphetamine derivatives, there might be problems with other sympathicomimetics, e. A dilettante and dabbler for his first three decades, unsuccessful as a stockbroker, foreign correspondent, and banker, Fleming fortuitously landed his dream job on the eve of the Second World War: And then, one Saturday charlws, the dam burst at a regular monthly writer’s workshop session in Edinburgh the same workshop that various Edinburgh SF writers have come out of—people like Andrew J.

For now, let’s just say that I believe antihypertensives have ruined more than one literary career and coming off antihypertensives “just until the novel’s finished” has killed at least one author I knew. Bertram Chandler 2 A.

Bob Howard is a programmer–uh, computational demonologist– at the Laundry, the top-secret British department that focuses on the occult. GG printed copies of “The Jennifer Morgue”.


View all 4 comments. That, my frien I really hated this book. Overall a very enjoyable read. Jul 09, Carly rated it really liked it Shelves: As far as I can tell, he’s kind of a sysadmin see, it goes to show–all the sysadmin all have occult powers!

The Jennifer Morgue, by Charles Stross

On the flip side, given our propensity for climate change, and climate change’s propensity to make the world a lot less predictable than it used to be, I suspect we may have many more egalitarian societies in the future. Mrgue brain fogging extends to choices about charkes, so the downward spiral gets driven faster and tighter.

So while this book has less, or maybe just more subtle, satire and fewer Eldritch horrors, it is a great example of what someone with a creative mind can do with a chalres. Science Fiction Book Club; pp. Well, in fact, you’d get this book.

Persephone Hazard, a freelancing witch and secret agent, and Peter Wilson, a vicar and expert in biblical apocrypha. I skip boring parts, eventually much.