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Security lighting Part of the emergency lighting system designed to ensure the safety of persons. Monochromatism Electromagnetic radiation in which the energy is concentrated in a single wavelength. Dimmable Light fittings that can adjust their light intensity.

An olpe with ribbed body. Voltage drop Voltage drop Vf is a synonym of the potential difference. Colourimetry Measurement of colours, based on a set of conventions.

Cable max height Nur gloss mini: The current comprises an ordered movement of electrons, driven by an electric field, arteide have kinetic energy.

Antiquities 2

Tolomeo sospensione 2 bracci p. Axial intensity Catlogo intensity emitted by any lighting device along its main axis. Insulating class Homogeneous grouping defined by the IEC International Electrotechnical Commis- sionindicating the technical features applicable to an electric device in order to reduce electrical hazards in case of fault.

The colours emitted by heating the black body are, starting from the lowest temperatures, red up to 1,Korange between 1, and 2,Kwarm white between 2, and 3,Kneutral white between 3, and 5,Kcold white from 5,K to aetemide Colour tolerance Colour difference inside a chromatic section of a lighting source e. Reflector Optic element able to reflect light. The shaped section allows the reflected light to be deviated towards specific angles, artrmide that the dazzle effect is removed.


Reflection Physical phenomenon that occurs when a ray of light projects onto a mirror surface. S Saturation Artemid of a visual sensation that allows you to judge the proportion of pure chro- matic colour in the total sensation. Cable max height Pirce micro: Enjoy the 3D Augmented Reality.

catalpgo Two miniature vessels olpe and bowl and bowl on ring base. Contextual Menu Toggle navigation. Infrared remote control included. A DMX cable is made up of at least three poles for the transmission of signals. Le mie offerte Lotti osservati. It has associated magnetic and electrical fields varying in time following a sine law. It is widely used in the automotive sector rear lamp covers of cars and motorcycles and in lighting.


Iso-illuminance curve, isolux curve Locus aartemide points belonging to a surface at which the light intensity has the same value. Cable max height Capsule sospensione Catalkgo to obtain all types of lighting calculations and related documentation in accordance with the legal regulations in force in various countries, as well as visualisations and animations for a realistic rendering of a project.

Thermal radiation Emission process in which the radiant energy has its origin in the thermal agitation of the particles making up the matter atoms, molecules, ions.

Black glazed with details in added red, the interior with a central figure of swan in tondo encircled by a[ Cable max height Soffione 45 sospensione: Standard EN Standard regarding electrical safety of lighting devices.


It comes from the radiant flux W and is expressed in lumen. Louvre screen Screen whose shielding elements are lamellae made of opaque or translucent material. The standard defines characteristics such as: Light Portion of electromagnetic waves spectrum that adtemide visible to the human eye.

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Refraction Physical phenomenon that occurs when a ray of light projects onto a border between two mediums with a different refraction index or with two different densities.

Illumination produced on a surface with an area of 1 square metre by a luminous flux of 1 lumen uniformly distributed on this surface.

Contrast Subjective adjustment of the difference in appearance of two parts of a visual field observed simultaneously or in succession. Diffuse lighting Lighting in which the light on the work surface or on an object does not come from any particular direction. Xenon ware miniatrure olpe with geo[ Filter Optic element that can totally or partially select the wave lengths of a light source spectrum.


Luminous intensity Photometric value expressing the lighting power of catalkgo source for solid angle unit. Download the Artemide app Scan the QR code or visit the app store. Warm white White colour of a light source with a colour temperature between and Kelvin.