A brief note about the life of Catalina de Erauso, the “lieutenant nun.”. Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World is Catalina de Erauso’s memoir about her experiences during the early s in Spain and. Lieutenant Nun is an autobiography that was written by Catalina de Erauso list of the characters in Lieutenant Nun and in-depth analyses of and Catalina.

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He found out about this and took it hard, telling me to keep away from there. During cata,ina confession and final Mass, he spat the communion into his hand and then appealed for sanctuary.

Catalina de Erauso

When I came out he attacked me with his belt and injured my hand. There he found employment working for a local merchant. I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, though I do enjoy the lively scholarly debate about Catalina de Erauso and the memoir attributed to her. In one battle, Catalina is purported to have turned the tide by capturing a chief catalinx Guipihuanche, dragging him back to the fort and hanging him.

Barefoot and without funds, she made her way to Toulouse, France, where a friend, the Count of Gramont, supplied her with money and a horse to reach Spain.

Then they were translated into several languages and versions of the theme, as idealized by Thomas De Quincey, entitled The Ensign Nun in English. She died twenty years later inreportedly of a heart attack. The bishop of Puebla, Monsignor Palafox, believed that the woman he buried there was the nun-ensign, and on her tombstone were engraved these words: Srauso similarly it has been a source of inspiration for many analysis and academic papers trying to explain her complex personality.

Catalina de Erauso, the Lieutenant Nun

She took the book. According to her memoirs, she embarked on Holy Monday, to America. Here as elsewhere, she was a solitary soul, as well as a fierce patriot and soldier, and during this period she was seemingly quite happy. Catalina, caralina as a man, by the name of Francisco de Loyola, served in the court as a page of the secretary of King Juan de Idiaquez for seven months.


However, the man who was wounded in the face, came to challenge her again accompanied by two friends. According to her autobiography, Catalina de Erauso was born inalthough the surviving record of her baptism notes a date of just a small indication of the confusion about many of the details of her tumultuous, adventure-filled life. Normally this would have brought death by hanging, but Erauso was given a life sentence because of her youth.

She had one last escapade on the trip over as she had been hired to be the bodyguard of a girl being sent to Mexico to be wed. But, really, even if Erauso has exaggerated or even misrepresented some aspects of her life, what a life it was! In Piscobamba, by quarreling, she killed another individual.

Print this article Cattalina all entries for this topic Cite this article. She lived off the countryside, eating roots and wild berries for three days before approaching a peasant to plead for a pair of pants.

In —, she petitioned the Spanish Crown for financial reward for her services as a soldier in the New World. She worked in the Peruvian town of Trujillo in a erausl, but had to leave after injuring a relative of her employer in a duel. Apparently prone to violence and nearly unbeatable at swordplay, on one occasion Erauso was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of two young men.

Check date values in: After this trial of fire he decided to leave Spain behind. Catalina de Erauso first came to my attention inwhen Lieutenant Nun: At the age of 18, like so many Spanish people, Catalina headed off to the Americas to seek his fortune. Terrible People from History. Who’s who in Gay and Lesbian History: Catalina helped her escape, and the grateful woman managed to get him a job as a bounty hunter.

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Those in this school of thought therefore conclude that Erauso was merely expressing their sexual identity through transgenderism. Ten Notable Women of Latin America.

After leaving the convent, Erauso has a series of adventures in a number of Spanish cities, serving a variety of masters in a variety of roles under a number of different names, including Pedro de Orive, Francisco de Loyola, Alonso Diaz Ramirez de Guzman and Antonio de Erauso. She also gained a reputation as somewhat of a playboy, courting various women and not infrequently finding herself in duels with her rivals. Advised by the local church authorities to return to Spain, Erauso departed as a celebrity.

Catalina fell in love with the girl she was transporting, and almost challenged the prospective husband to a duel, but she was convinced not to do so Once she arrived she used her pension to set up a business as a mule driver, transporting cargo between Veracruz and Mexico City. She also attended mass in her old convent with her former colleagues. Grief-stricken she became an outlaw and con-artist, on one occasion absconding with a dowry paid to her to marry a young woman.

Catalina de Erauso chose never to return to visit her parents and other relatives.

Catalina de Erauso – Wikipedia

The English translation of Catalina de Erauso’s memoir is still in print–you can access it by clicking here. Report a bad ad experience. Once the Spanish made peace with the indomitable Araucanians, Erauso had no command and saw herself destined for a demotion and outpost duty at Fort Arauco.