geordnete Liste aller traditionellen Kartenspiele und Dominospiele für mehrere Spieler, deren Spielregeln auf Deutsch vorliegen. Canasta, 2, 3, 4, 2×52+4J. Spielen Sie Rommee Kartenspiele wie Deutsches Rommé, Kalooki, Kanasta, sehr leicht zu erlernendes Spiel, bei dem die Spielregeln relativ einfach sind. Title, Spielregeln: Rommé, Canasta, Samba (3_1hne_1hnr Canasta). Publisher, F. X. Schmid, Length, 40 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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You can add canssta cards of the appropriate rank to any of your side’s melds, whether begun by yourself or by your partner, but you can never add cards to an opponent’s meld.

A meld of sevens consists of from three to seven sevens: Vor allem haben alle Versionen von Windows eine oder mehrere Varianten von Solitaire gespeichert.

For example, if there spielrfgeln a five on top of the pile and another five buried, you cannot use a single five in your hand to take the pile and meld the three fives. Gewonnen hat man bei diesem Solitaire schlussendlich wenn man alle Karten nach ihrer Wertigkeit sortiert hat. Having achieved this, you can go out by melding all but one of the cards in your hand and discarding this last card.

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If you are able to go out but unsure whether to do so, you may if you wish ask your partner “may I go out? Flush siehe Teen Patti. French deck card games Rummy German card games Two-player card games Three-player card games Four-player card games Five-player card games Six-player card games.

Each player is dealt a hand of cards, and in the centre of the table is a face-down pile of cards called the stock and a face-up pile of cards called the discard pile. Therefore, after either you or your partner have made a meld that meets the requirement, both of you can meld freely for the rest of that hand.

Some players do allow a team to start a meld of the same rank as a canasta completed by the opponents. You are only allowed to go out after your team has fulfilled certain conditions, which vary according to the type of canasta played but always include completing at least one seven-card meld or ‘canasta’ see below.


If a player draws a red three as the last card of the stock, the red three is placed face up as usual and then, since there is no spiielregeln card that can be drawn from the stock, the play immediately ends. Bataille Corse siehe Beggar My Neighbour.

For example after one cznasta has put down an initial meld of aces with wild cards, the other team may also use aces with wild cards for their initial meld.

The player who draws the turn card must announce it, saying “turn card” or “turn”, so that everyone knows there are only 8 cards left to draw and no bonus cards are available. There are numerous variations of Canasta, many of which are intermediate between the versions described above. However, there are playable versions for two and three players, which are given later on this page. This requirement depends on your partnership’s cumulative score from previous hands as follows:.

If you satisfy the conditions for going out, you are free to go out on any turn without consulting your partner. Antonin Jaun’s German language site canasta. Um das Spiel zu gewinnen, muss man vier solcher Reihen auf den Grundkarten aufbauen und darin alle Karten verarbeiten.

Rommé online spielen – Kalooki, Gin Rummy Canasta

Cxnasta many countries, Classic Canasta is still played in more or less its original form, sometimes alongside a number of variations.

Brag mit 4 Karten. If you do not satisfy the conditions for going out, you are not allowed to leave yourself without any cards at the end of your turn: If the play ends because the stock runs out, and no one has taken the discard pile by then, each player scores separately for that hand. You can only take the discard pile if you can meld its top canasya, combined with cards from your hand if necessary.

The object of the game is to score points by melding cards. You immediately draw an equal number of replacement cards from the top of the stock, and if any of these are xanasta you lay them out and replace them in the same way, until you have no threes among your 13 cards. Pusoy Dos siehe Big Two.


Golf mit 8 Karten. Wenn Sie danach alle Herzen haben, haben Canazta gewonnen, sonst verloren. It is possible for a team to have a negative score for a hand – this will be the case, for example, if they fail to complete a canasta, and in that case their cumulative score will be caanasta.

Any cards melded by a partnership which are the same rank as one of their existing melds are automatically merged into that meld, provided that the limit of three wild cards is not exceeded.

Melds of sevens and aces are subject to some special rules and restrictions. I spielrebeln regln played the game before we were married, so it is probably canxsta forty to fifty year tradition in our family. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact us via E-mail. You must show your pair and meld these cards with the top discard before taking the rest of the pile into your hand.

Note also that it is not necessary to take the discard pile in order to meld. Black threes are worth 5 points each. Dieses Solitaire wird mit einem 32 Blatt Skatspiel gelegt.

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Crazy Pineapple Hi-Lo Poker. A packet of four cards and a packet of three cards known as talons or wings were placed face down on either side of the draw and discard piles. Katz und Maus siehe Spite and Malice. In this case, the player who draws it is considered to have made a spielregwln draw and must complete that turn as though two cards had been drawn.