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Just reminded me how heavy amp racks were back then. Strict controls were imposed on the event production team, to keep concert sound within pre-set volume limits. Simple Direct Approach Once again paying great attention to market requirements for a strait forward approach, with the D-Power series CAMCO has identified key elements, such as power output range, flexible connectivity and interaction. The DL P was not specced at 2 ohms, but these amps are built like tanks.

I have read 2 differing accounts on the output, one said it will kick out w a channel at 2 ohms, the other said it will do w, same as the P but just at 2 ohms instead of 4. D-Power power output specifications have been select to work as stand alone amplifiers or in combination with Q-Power series so that exact power formats cakco be matched, minimizing rack space and maintaining family function and dl3000.

Juni to celebrate the reunification of East and West Germany. Speaking after the event, Johannes Raack said, “we are more than satisfied with the very good rear attenuation on the GEO D. Also there cl3000 a lot of switches on the back with no labels. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

I really need to find out cos I am building well getting built for me, since my attempt at cab making was an excercise in firewood another pair of bass bins and I don’t know if I need another amp or not!


Here, maximum levels of 89 dBA during the day and 84 dBA after 10 o clock were not be exceeded. Did a lot of work in the 90’s with these amps and they were worked hard for long periods at all night raves etc.

Please help! Need specs CAMCO DL 3000 2P

January – Dll3000 festivities for the anniversary of Germany’s reunification were produced by the firm Wohlthat Entertainment, which commissioned Berlin-based PA company artecom to design and install the powerful sound system required for the celebration concert.

The resulting six models are of rugged design and suitable for professional Installations, Theatre and Live Sound application. There were no problems at all at any of the measuring points – and that’s an unbeatable advantage for events in cities and says a lot about new NEXO system.

More thanpeople gathered around the Brandenburg Gate and along dl300 Strasse des Though we now take the total reliability of CAMCO amplifiers for granted, they really deserve a special mention here, too.

If anyone has a user guide or any links that might help me it would be greatly appreciated. Your welcome, anymore you cqmco just give me a shout.

Camco DL P Amplifier | eBay

At FOH, about 45m from the stage, 92 dBa were allowed during the day and 87 dBa after 10 o clock at night. Have looked on that site before and not found that so either it’s very well hidden or they only just put it up.

Designed for flexibility of Use The introduction of the D-Power series now expands the choice and ability to refine system specification to exact requirements.

Following on from the introduction of the CAMCO Q-Power series of 4 channel amplifiers, the D-Power series develops the range further with the introduction of six 2 channel models. Use in combination with the Q-Power series or on their own, the D-Power series delivers pure and reliable power for applications where cost and ease of use are paramount without lose of integrity.


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Hi, I bought this amp a while ago but as yet have been unsuccesful in finding the exact specs. Latest News Dude you are a lifesaver!!! In addition, specific maximum levels had camcl set for various measuring points in the surrounding area, the most important of which could be found metres behind the stage: And, as expected, there were no complaints that the maximum limits had fl3000 exceeded.

CAMCO Amplifiers

Another thing we found really good was the cakco fact that by using NX controllers with Nxtension expander boards in all PA channels, we could control the whole PA system via an Ethersound network and monitor it from FOH for the entire duration of the event. Here you go buddy: Follow the rules and provide the highest possible volume over the entire sound reinforcement target area – this was the brief the artecom professionals had to fulfil.

This page was generated in 0. On a stage directly in front of the Gate, artists from a wide range of genres from soloists to big bands, from classical and jazz to rock joined in a high-profile concert.