For personal information access requests, send an email to CDSS’ Public Inquiry and Response Unit [email protected] and/or call () They will. consult one of many state-funded organizations that provide legal services to immigrants by visiting our webpage at Yes, by clicking the Pay On-line button at the top of this page. Direct link: https://

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You have the right to see this file before your hearing and to get a cahwnst of the county’s written position on your case at least two days before the hearing. For more information visit Wraparound Families. Attachments must meet the following requirements: I want the person named below to represent me at this hearing.

Privacy Policy Individuals who provide personal information to CDSS have the right to review the information for accuracy and completeness and to request corrections or deletions. They will send you current support money collected but will keep past due money collected that is owed to the county.

You may get free legal help at your local legal aid or welfare rights office. Work With a Purpose. This offsets the General Fund expenditure and allows the division to maintain its critical functions.


You cannot participate in the Cal-Learn Program if we told you we cannot serve you. If paying by mail, allow enough time for the U. Civil Penalties cshwnet be paid even if you close your facility. There are no provisions for waiving any assessed fees.

CDSS Public Site > Home

The licensee is responsible for payment of the full amount of any fees assessed. You have only 90 days to ask for a hearing. Personal information may include: Currently, only the Annual Fees can be paid on-line.

You may wish to contact your health plan membership services if you have cauwnet. June The California Department of Social Services CDSS Privacy Notice on Collection covers our practices regarding personal information collected when completing applications and forms online or hardcopy for our various programs.

Civil Penalties can be paid in installments. No legitimate state or county representative would ever ask for your PIN. The California Department of Social Services supports programs which serve more than eight million people across our state.

You do cahsnet have to take part in the activities. While You Wait for a Hearing Decision for: CDSS account processing applies payments to the glv outstanding debt, whether your payment was intended for a particular transaction or not. This person can be a friend or relative but cannot interpret for you.

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Can I Get A Refund? My language and dialect is: If you ask for a hearing, the State Hearing Division will set up a file. You have the right to ask for a hearing if you disagree with any county action.

Your welfare office will give you information when you ask for it. I want a hearing due to an action by the Welfare Department of select County: Again, this fee will be added to the licensees’ annual billing.

The action on this notice may stop you from getting services from your managed care health plan. Find a County Office. Current federal rules regarding public charge remain in effect.

A relative or friend cannot interpret for you at the hearing. Yes, this fee is in addition to the annual fee.