Try Primo. Try Primo · Download Free Use Nitro Pro to quickly and seamlessly convert PDF documents to Word, or from Word to PDF. Edit and reuse content. [Windows] Best free PDF creator (printer or converter) — Bullzip vs .. Primo PDF is organized according to quality settings which are as. But while some PDF reader software allows you to annotate or add comments, such as the free Foxit Reader, sometimes you need to edit the.

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At last here is the bu,lzip about licencing and some technical details like bit Windows support and GhostScript requirements. If the stated aim is printing PDF’s, then it’s spot on.

Still, the interface is quite nice — unlike anything else I tried. Everybody can create PDF files and there are hundreds of programs available capable of doing that.

No doubt PDF -XChange is brilliant however is not one of the restrictions a watermark on free versions? You have a choice between40 bit RC4 or bit RC4. I have tried several solutions, but the best one for me by far is Evernote’s Clearly, which lets you adjust font and font size in the “cleaned up” file. It is quick and easy to use. The options are as follows: After tailoring my document text, graphics, links, etc.

The following Optimization options are available:. I love these comments, I’m learning about so many other tools for the job. Read More for a cleaner print. Output other file formats beside PDF: The Optimization tab displays features related to the output quality of the PDF.


PDF printers can differ in functionality; however, we have identified some of the essential features as follows:. I’m going to admit, I didn’t even realize this was an option.

I use pdfFactory Pro and the Word document came in at Kilobytes beating all the other programs listed in the test. I hardly ever print anything, or I’d keep Greencloud installed just for the paper saving features. It also includes translations in a bunch of other languages, so if you have a company with offices all around the world, this would be a good choice. PrimoPDF is very straightforward to use. Bullzip was supposed to be on this list, you’ll have to forgive the oversight — I got lost in the testing.

I have a time clock app Bullzil use for my freelance work and it’s great but it saves out the invoices in HTM format and I have a heck of a time converting it to PDF prkmo saving the nice formatting. The first 3 are available from ghostscript. The Document tab allows for the author, title, subject and keywords to be specified.

Encryption allows for a a password and encryption standards to be specified. For CutePDF download via ninite. Big thumbs up to PDF reDirect.

The best freeware virtual PDF printer: a comparison –

The main page has old versions of lots of applications. Jim Yeah, Google Chrome is handling the authentication to your Google account for the drive. Their suite is good too Software Some of my clients are very particular about privacy. I’ve used CutePDF for years. With other document types, formatting and compatibility depends on the software being used to view or create the document — documents may not be displayed correctly due to differences in version, author of the software, or even operating system.


I dont use mobile devices other than laptops and netbooks. I have not tried every one listed here, but of those I tried, I tend byllzip find cumbersome and occasionally erratic compared to doPDF. Many advanced features, and is always adding more.

You can also specify if a password will be required to open the resulting PDF. Many users swear by hullzip software to this day, and if you use a bit machine you might want to try it out.

I would highly reccomend PDF-Creator. No need to mention a paid one if the free ones do the job, which vx is the case here. DPI settings can be set manually via Printer Properties.

When Working With PDF Printers, Watch The File Sizes

A second for PDF reDirect, my goto choice. Is rampant cheating destroying Facebook gaming? I find it straight forward and simple. Long-time user of the free version of pdf Redirect http: Thanks for the tip, is there a specific place you found the latest of version 7?

Here is evaluated the list of functions and settings that are mostly common to virtual PDF printers:. Of course for some professional settings, it might be necessary to turn to a paid app, which can handle more complex projects.