ally a how-to book on copywriting that explains the science behind copy! I’m learning The formula for writing bullets is first to state the benefit and then follow. COPYWRITING – HOW TO CRAFT COMPELLING COPY. 2. Feel free to email, . And don’t forget to use plenty of bullets and numbered lists. Think your. Here is my list of the best copywriters and copywriting resources. Those guys were great, the pioneers of copy but they aren’t on this list. in the business, Gary is semi-retired now but his marketing bullets newsletter is still.

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Shaune is the president of Dynamic Response Marketing and creator of the copywriting coaching program.

The Live Copywriting Workshop includes: Brian McLeod is a year veteran direct-response copywriter and creative marketing strategist based in sunny South Florida. So the people on this list are modern day copywriters. David is top copywriter and is the creator of Operation Copy Quick Start which is choc-a-bloc with advice vullet several A-listers.

This is my personal list.

182 Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

Eben Pagan is one of my favorite teachers of business and marketing strategies. Nick does cover a range of other topics too, including copy related subjects such as video marketing, product launches and webinars.

Vin takes a collaborative approach to copywriting cppywriting taps into the power of the mastermind principle by copywriting with his team. Put it all together with a simple, proven flow in your sales copy using this simple, illustrated Flow Template. Now semi-retired, this copywriting giant has filtype of the most popular copy blogs on the internet at makepeacetotalpackage.


Although not a copywriter himself, Brian is a giant in the world of direct response. No questions, no hassle He has written for a diverse range of high profile clients.

Joe is a co-author of Make Your Words Sell. He is not for dopywriting, I believe he only writes copy for his own products. He also has a top blog. You can listen to my interview with Craig Garber here. Kevin is known as the professor of high response.

Colin has written for some top names within the direct marketing, internet marketing and personal development space, as well as plenty of other companies you are very likely to have heard of. His copywriting cheat sheet is a good checklist to use when evaluating your own copy. The more you use Fast Effective Copy, the more you will discover… and the more you will profit from it!

You can have Fast Effective Copy open and ready for you at a moment’s notice, with a click of your mouse. Tools and Techniques for Profitable Persuasion.

You’ll get on track quickly Since then, he has run his own business. Brian is known as the conversion scientist. He has secretly been behind some huge Clickbank launches.

He is the author of the well-fed writer series including… The Well-Fed Writer: He is the author of Your Customer Creation Equation: She also has quite a filstype pricing guide to help newbie copywriters know what to charge.


You can find my interview with Lisa here. I guess you could say this is a list of the best copywriters of the internet era. John Copysriting John Ritz.

Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

Andy also blogsruns the copywriting academy and the copywriting academy group on LinkedIn. You can find a bunch of free reports and articles on his website. You can find out how to get your own wins by reading their articles and checking out their free reports. You can check out my interview with Alan Forrest Smith here.

As the Executive VP of Boardroom, Inc he is copywritig for over mailing over 50 million pieces of direct mail per year. We want to see thousands of new members using and enjoying the benefits and financial rewards made possible by joining Fast Effective Copy. Please keep the suggestions coming, I want this list to be the most complete and thorough resource that it can be….