BTG – General about this document This document is a complement to the ordinary MBT User manual (M) and Service. MPS & PPS Manual / Pneumatic Pulp Sampling Valves. MCS . BTG’s MEK is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consist-. Item 1 – 8 Manual loading of probe signal settings. . Based on BTG’s patented Peak Method (see section ) of optical anal- ysis, the TCT MEK

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Strip only enough insulation from the wires to insert them. Check that the settings are correct first. There is risk of injury by crushing or cutting if the covers have been removed.

User manual of JCT in English_百度文库

Select actual range with 2. Be sure to make the calibration at a temperature e. Company Profile Email Us. Trend see section 3. Install a shut-off valve close to the transmitter.

There is a risk that the data could disappear after this 23000. The parts are designed and manufactured according to the Swedish pressure vessel codes: This section assumes you have completed section 3.

Note that the setting should not be altered until the erroneous reading has been confirmed by several laboratory samples. If the value is normal according btgg the printout, the setting of the transmitter may have been disturbed.

Any particles sticking between the hub of the water guide bushing and the hub of the sensing element will disturb measurement. ATV58E user manual in Wide scatter of calibration points bg calibration line low correlation factor Action: Trend Configure 20 Damp mA 1s 4.


BTG Rotating Consistency Transmitter MEK ()

A clear warning, such as a sign, should let other people know that work is in progress and that switch must not be touched. The connection cable between the hand-held terminal and the printer is supplied by BTG – refer to the parts list: Evaluate the calibration as per section 3.

Consistency should be meo. Be sure that the proper stud is taken to be used at the Tag no. For optimum results when the transmitter is positioned downstream of a pump or pipe elbow, it should be located at the theoretical outer turn of the pulp emk.

If necessary, go back to the main menu and set a suitable time constant. BTG will disclaim any liability for problems and damage caused by incorrect power supply. The dimension is also stated on the weld-in stud. Customer provides 24 V DC power supply unit. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. This method is used to get started quickly and obtain amnual output signal, and in maanual where consistency must be stable due to calibration.

BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

If the lab value is 1. Connect the hand-held terminal to the junction box. Two hand terminal brackets are included to be mounted on a wall close to the junction box.

It can be measured between two cooling flanges on the outside of the motor. Main menu option 9. The main pipe should be equipped with flanges to match those of the vessel.


Also take care when working close to the propeller and the sensor if these are exposed. Mej protecting roof is recommended for the junction box. Check before connecting to the main power supply that the AC adapter is made for the correct supply voltage. This way the lab. The overall length of the transmitter is mm Evaluate the results, from the displayed calibrating curve.

Better than ever Maunal more than 23, consistency transmitters in the MEK series in operation today in pulp and paper mills worldwide testify to the instrument’s adaptability, rugged design and measurement perfor-mance. Fasten, with plastics, six 6 symmetrically positioned antirotation rails 7 inside the stud 5.

This helps the feedback circuit to start up faster. The part numbers for the sensing element and propeller supplied are entered at the factory. Lubricate and tighten the screws alternately using a torque wrench.

MBT-2300 consistency transmitter – B T G density measures MBT-2300

By pressing Edit Range 1, Edit Range 2, etc. The relevant Tag number is shown in the identification list as per Item 5 above. Install a filter that must be kept clean, if clogging particles are present. If not the calibration might be wrong. This should be done at the first opportunity during installation. Evaluate the laboratory samples.