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BS Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes. standard by BSI Group, 04/28/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS BRITISH STANDARDCode of practice for safe use of .. BSI •9 BS Complex liftIf the lifting operation is.

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With a non-slewing tower, the slewing ring is situated at or near the top of the tower and the jib slews about the vertical axis of the tower, which itself remains stationary.

NOTE Attention is drawn to The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations as amended [9] which require crane 71211-5 to be over 18 unless they are under the direct supervision of 712-5 competent person for the purpose of training. Upon completion of the work, the person who has been responsible for the work should sign the clearance section of the form or certificate certifying that all personnel have been withdrawn, that all gear, tools and loose materials have been removed, that all guards have been replaced and that all safety devices are operating.

This supervisor should be given the authority to stop the operation if he or she considers such action is warranted by ground conditions, weather, obstructions or any other cause. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from 7211-5 choices below:. Itisincorporated by Royal Charter.

Where disturbance to the ground has occurred in the construction of adjacent foundations, a retaining wall should be constructed or deeper foundations used for the tower crane. Rail clamps which the crane manufacturer might provide to prevent the crane from rolling along the track in storm conditions should be fitted whenever the machine is out-of-service.

Fixed radius jibs are usually only available on small tower cranes self-erectors and similarand it is generally desirable to be able to travel the crane in order to move the load. Annex B normative Lifting of persons B. As part of the planning process 71121-5 is important that the design and fabrication of the ties is taken into account, together with the connection to the structure.


BS 7121-2-5:2012

Balancing is often carried out by altering the hook radius about a nominal balance radius detailed by the manufacturer. The crane supervisor should be competent and suitably trained and should have sufficient experience to carry out all relevant duties. NOTE It might be necessary to refer to these in the event of a change of construction in the course of the contract requiring alterations to be made to the crane.

Their combined experience and specialist knowledge in the fields of crane design, manufacture, application and safety ensure that the recommendations are well founded and practical. They also specify the lubrication points that require 711-5, the interval or frequency of greasing and oil changes and the grades and quality of lubricant to be used.

These arrangements should include the assessment of ground conditions, preparation of suitable outrigger foundations and any road closures. Subsequent parts of BS 7 1 2 1 deal with the specific crane types as follows: Operators and signallers should pay particular attention to possible dangers of persons working out of sight.

The procedure should include provision for an examination by a competent person after any 71211-5, whether or not a repair is necessary, 71121-5 ensure that the crane is fit for further service.

BS 7121-5:2006

In cases of repetitive or routine basic lifting operations, this planning might only be necessary in the first instance, with periodic reviews to ensure that no factors have changed. Following the clearance of the form or certificate and the cancellation by the issuer, the safety precautions taken can then be removed and the crane returned to its normal mode of operation. Consideration should be given, where appropriate, to stocking certain expendable items and bbs parts to minimize down time in the event of crane breakdown.

Installation work should be avoided if the conditions e. Carriers should not be occupied while the crane is travelling. The hoisting, slewing, traversing, luffing or travelling motions of a crane should not be used to drag any load along the ba with the hoist rope out of the vertical position. 71215- users have a duty to ensure that the crane is only used for its intended purpose.


NOTEFurther information on selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems and equipment is given in BS This should include gs edge protection on working platforms or the b of fall protection Personal Protective Equipment PPE such as full body harnesses and shock absorbing lanyards.

Limit switches should be checked for correct operation each day before personnel 721-5 operations are carried out. Once installed around the crane tower the equipment should be inspected again to ensure that it is complete and ready for use.

The safe system of work should include: Commentaryexplanation and general informative material is presented in smaller italic typeand does not constitute a normative element. However the training should be directly traceable to the manufacturer with the person delivering the training having been appropriately trained by the manufacturer.

BS – Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes – BSI British Standards

It is the constant 7211-5 of BSI to improve the quality of our products and services. Alternatively, other audio or visual methods may be used. When choosing high visibility clothing, backgrounds, type of illumination and other relevant factors should be taken into account. Load bearing hydraulic cylinders should be fitted with a device to stop movement in case of hose rupture or pipe fracture.

The working speed of the carrier should be limited to a maximum of 0. Training should be carried out by people who have been selected and trained for the purpose.

All those attending the briefing should be asked to sign a declaration confirming that they have attended and understood the briefing. Users are responsible for its correct application. Overview Product Details BS The travel distance should be well within the length of the trailing cable.