बृहन्नील तन्त्रम्: Brihad Nila Tantram (The Tantric Method of Worshipping Goddess Kali and Tara). Item Code: NZJ Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Full text of “Brihat Nila tantra”. See other formats. DUE DATE3SIHP; GOVT. COLLEGE, LIBERT KOTA (Raj.) Students can retain library books only for two weeks. (This English translation of chapter 13 from the Brihad Nila Tantra covers meditation and the vira sadhana (heroic worship, which includes sexual intercourse) of.

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I have been very pleased with all the items.

In the case of a single-syllabled mantra, muttering is to be done ten thousand times, in the case of the two-syllabled eight thousand times and so on. Metallurgy in Indian Archaeology. Chapter Thirteen This chapter covers the worship of Mahakali and has been brohad in full in the Magic of Kali.

Again, a sadhaka should face north, visualising the guru in the 1, petal lotus. The well-known ten Samskaras of the mantras such as birth etc. I have never, ever, received such beautifully and carefully packed items from India in all my years of ordering. A day is the same as a brihaad. Chapter 23 The hundred names of Kali.


Brihat Nila Tantra

Exemption of various persons from heinous 8 crimes is hinted at as in the Gandarva Tantra. Chapter Five Optional rites are the topic of this chapter, as well as the pithas or sacred spots. The mantra of the fire- god reads as lV? Worship of the deities Ganesa. The conjunction of yoni and lingam is the essence of the rite. The yantra should be engraved on copper, smeared with kundagola and svayambhu flowers menstrual blood and scents including camphor.

Then one day he heard a devya vani from the skies. That is the most useful for me since I can navigate Sanskrit a bit with the English as a guide.

Abstract of Brihad Nila Tantra

Visit our Help Pages. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Substitutes also are given for wine such as wet ginger, whey with sugar. It asked him to visit Buddharupi Janardhan in Mahachin. It is tanrta be pronounced facing north and meditated on as being like a lotus fibre extending from the base of the spine to the 1, petal lotus, like ten million fires, suns and moons. This is preceded by an offering to jackals, implying that the rite takes place in the cremation ground shmashana.

In art, the state of urdhva-retas was depicted by the erect phallus of Shiva, the lord of Tantra. Had I ten thousand million mouths and ten thousand million tongues, I could still not speak of it, O Paramesvari.


And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me. Their delivery is prompt, packaging very secure and the price reasonable. This puja also appears in the Todala Tantra, translated as part of the Magic of Kali.

Mahakala is to receive his worship on the right side of Njla. First he briefly mentions the important topics of the Tantra and then begins description of Tara in all her forms together with the way in which she is to be worshipped.

Consists of fortysix leaves, each leaf having twentyfour lines with twentytwo letters per line. Thanks many times over!

Full text of “Brihat Nila tantra”

Study with Textual and Iconographical Documentation. Copper and lead can be turned into gold. There are no rules as to the time the puja should be performed, no rules about the place, no need for preparation.