Een boek over het Aspergersyndroom zonder het woord `Asperger in de titel: het was een doordachte maar gewaagde keuze in Desondanks werd Brein. Brein bedriegt – Peter Vermeulen. 2 likes. Book. Brein bedriegt – Peter Vermeulen. Privacy · Terms. About. Brein bedriegt – Peter Vermeulen. Book. 2 people. Peter Vermeulen is the author of Autism as Context Blindness ( avg rating, 33 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Brein bedriegt ( avg rating, 4.

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If you are having autism or you are connected with it, this book is totally worth reading. There is insufficient attitude to communicate. Useful Links My diagnosis My comorbidities Category: That gives sometimes the impression that they are not interested, but that is not so.

Brain Deceives (Brein Bedriegt) – Book

Teens and young-adults are often ridiculed, excluded or even bullied for their strange way of making contact. Even with people with adult with high intelligence, tantrums can happen, like we know as with the kids with autism. It often suffice to do something two or three times and the pattern and additional rules are formed.

The opportunity with overestimating adds up, depending their behavior approaches the normal standards. To the contrary of the aloof group we see with them often different diagnoses than autism: You will be able to read a few rough translations straight from the book, that especially apply to me, but most likely also to a lot more autistic people, besides me.

Someone with autism will protest, refuse or continuously question the change.

Not so easy to live with, coping situations or still having difficulties. With people with normal-functional autism that is even more difficult. The autism is so invisible it is lost out bfdriegt the eye.

People from this group will seldom initiate interaction by them-self, but they accept on a passive way the approach of others.

Despite theoretical ethics we see regularly aggressive outbursts.

The stereotype interests are for people with autism often a refuge and a life buoy. Sometimes people with autism make the bridge in a for us incomprehensible tempo. The way how is although naive, strange, not adapted and one-direction, because of the problems with understanding interactions in a smooth way.


Possible to live with, already used to it, no big deal.

Their action-terrain is bigger than that of the people with low-functioning autism and come easier in contact bedriegg unprotected situations.

Fear, depression and aggression are a consequence of that. There are so many variants of autism and comorbidities, giving different results and behaviors. The pages based upon edition are marked down in different colors: With an amount of people from this group, the problems start to show up as soon we expect more initiatives from them.

Peter Vermeulen (Author of Brein bedriegt)

Absolutely a problem in life without having any good solutions. This group is often not spotted in early diagnostics: As long nothing beedriegt which is in conflict with that pattern, you will notice nothing of the existence of it as outsider.

Group activities are also a huge form of stress. In contrary to what might be thought, people with hedriegt with autism just need more clarification than the low-functional. Rules are not absolute: Who wants to offer clarification, has to take that in account. The world means to then a bigger treat and they cannot always handle that.

Where do I start?

Their life is more a sum-up or a sequence of detailed pictures instead of a movie where you are bedrisgt main character. It is for as far as I know only available in Dutch, so I have taken the liberty to translate the most important quotes, which I find most applicable towards me.

What is also an obstacle for them, is to choose the right information, adapted to what the receiver already knows or not. A verbal message does not add information, which makes them respond rather based on routines than based btein a message. Tagged agression anxiety assessment autism camouflage compensation depression diagnose efficiency empathy friends overestimating psychological social limitations social rules stress underestimating.

There are too many exceptions and nuances. This does not mean all the details in that citation will all apply upon me or any other person with autism. Symptoms Facebook Twitter WordPress. Not only bedrifgt children and young people with autism are bullied more than others, but they can also see the behavior of other classmates which was meant good like teasing, see as bullying. The many invisible and continuous changing social rules make it for people with autism not easy, and those that want to do it good, make themselves huge concerns about the social situation because they are afraid to have a social disaster, like many times before or are anxious to not be able to assess the behavior and reactions of others well enough.


People without autism do that intuitively: They do not like that others are going to determine and dictate what they have to do.

Others can abuse that. People from this group are called bfdriegt by Wing because they are often pedant, pompous, too polite, too formal and can appear to bedrieft too wordy. It is dancing on a slack rope. Notify me of new comments via email. What he did not see, was the unfit choice of words, the inability of what the children were expressing in a language understood by everyone.

This book explains a lot in detail what is going on in the mind of an autistic person. People with autism often get quiet if they now and then can escape from the social jungle.

By fully zooming into a certain topic you can close yourself bedrieft the hectic life of every day. And often that means that we got to search for all kinds of strategies and tricks, where the tiresome and less pleasurable consequences of autism can be circumvented.