Train the way pro-boxers do, without any physical contact! Boxercise is a fun way to burn calories, tone up and de-stress. Sign up now with GO Gateshead. Easy printed off, laminated and used for all circuit training lessons. Cards for most activities eg, squats, shuttle runs etc. Lower the body until the elbows reach 90° and then extend the arms to return to the start position. SOURCE:

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Shape Created with Sketch. There can be eight to 15 or more stations, which are usually arranged so that each station targets a different muscles group in turn; for example legs followed by core followed by upper body.

A Boxercise circuit is controlled by an instructor who controls how long you will spend on each station. Boxercise Instructors’ Exclusive Items The exclusive items below are only supplied to registered Boxercise Instructors login to order.

The music used in a Boxercise class is designed to be uplifting and helps you to work harder than you might do otherwise.

The fast pace and demanding exercises used in a Boxercise circuit mean that this type of class is quite tough and not ideally suited to beginners. Use of the name Boxercise to describe any fitness activity or product can only be granted by ourselves.

Inexperienced exercisers or newcomers can feel intimidated when joining a well-established class, especially if everyone else seems noxercise know exactly what they are doing.


Boxercise circuit training classes are led by a qualified instructor who offers encouragement and guidance so that you get the most out of your workout.

Exercises are arranged and performed in a sequence with little or no rest in between. Exercises for Weider Home Gyms.

Covering muscular strength and endurance exercises, cardiovascular exercises and Boxercise specific exercises. Choose from a category below. Boxercise is a registered trademark.

Boxercise Official Products

There is no set routine used in Boxercise circuit training and the selection of exercises used in a class is the choice of the class instructor. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch.

Stations are normally arranged around the circumference of the training area, which leaves the center of the room free for warming up, pad work and stretching. Breach of these trademarks will result in prosecution.

Overexertion may result in post-exercise muscle soreness, severe fatigue or injury — all of which may discourage you from trying Boxercise again.

Any instructor teaching an activity called Boxercise, or anything similar sounding, must be registered circuot Boxercise to do so. Boxercise circuit training will develop your muscular endurance, aerobic fitness, coordination, and balance and is also dards effective calorie burner. Although not designed to be competitive, Boxercise classes often place participants in pairs, since working out with someone else can make you train harder than you would on your own.

Boxercise circuits use exercises, called stations, to target your entire body. SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! These are now the cool-dry airtex type of t-shirt. Group workouts such as Boxercise can sometimes leave you without the individual attention and form correction necessary to ensure that you are performing exercises correctly.


Circuit training is a system of exercise that combines resistance training exercises and cardiovascular conditioning into one efficient workout system. Boxercise circuits use boxing-inspired conditioning exercises and drills to provide an effective workout for boxers and non-boxers alike.

This is especially the case in very busy classes.

You must be a Registered Boxercise Instructor in order to purchase this item. Cardio football-player Created with Sketch. Contact Us Patrick Dale is an experienced writer who has written for a plethora of international publications.

Boxercise Circuit Training | SportsRec

Pushups, jumping rope, shadow boxing, bag work, pad work, medicine ball exercises and core conditioning all feature in a Boxercise circuit. Product Information Bxoercise select on option: This may only become apparent once you are midway through a class and find that you are working harder than you want to.

The exercises in circuit training are performed for a set time or for a predetermined number of repetitions depending on the class format. Members of the public can check an instructor’s right to use the name Boxercise and that they are qualified, boxedcise selecting ‘Search for Instructors’ in the menu.