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Anatomy of the Dicotyledons. Die Gattungen Restrepia H. Wood structure and conclusion of the general introduction.

American Journal of Botany 55 8: Ultrastructure and the biology of plant cells. Calcium oxalate crystals in plants. Ontogenetic differences in mesophyll structure and achlorophyll distribution in Eucalyptus globules ssp.


Linnean Society Symposium Series: A neglected name and new synonym in Barbosella Pleurothallidinae, Orchidaceae. Anatomy of vegetative organs of the pineapple Ananas comosus L. Systematic anatomy of the leaf and stem, with a brief history of the subject. Structure of the leaf cuticle with special reference to cuticular penetration.

User Username Password Remember me. Email the author Login required. Types of vascular bundles in the Monocotyledoneae and their relation to the late metaxylem conducting elements. The Botanical Review Morfo- anatomia foliar de Cattleya intermedia Orchidaceae. The cuticles of plants.

Botânica Organografia.pdf

Timber Press, Portland, pp. Journal of Ecology Anatomy of seed plants.

Role of cuticle in the defense against plant disease. Article Tools Print this article. Edward Arnold Publishers Ltd, Edinburgh. Subscription Login to verify subscription. Structure and histochemistry of plant cuticular membranes: Abstract During a study to monograph the Barbosella species from Brazil, organogrxfia material and protologues of various species were analyzed.

An introduction to plant anatomy. The adaptative significance of stomatal occurrence on one or both surfaces of leaves. Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis Taxonomical discussions, updated distribution, illustrations and conservation status are provided for B.


Botânica – Free Download PDF

American Journal of Botany The manual of cultivated orchid species. Anatomy in ek to taxonomy in some members of Epidendroideae Orchidaceae. American Journal of Botany Acta Amazonica 7 4: Comparative anatomy as a modern botanical discipline.

Advances in Botanical Research 1: Flora do Distrito Federal.

Canadian Journal of Botany Columbia University Press, New York. Email this article Login required. Botany-An introduction to Plant Biology.

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