Shashi Tharoor is once again at his provocative best. In the title essay, we learn the steep price paid by some Iraqis just to obtain a book; what does it mean. However, what emerges clearly from reading Bookless In Baghdad is Tharoor’s acute literary bent of mind. One is aware that he has constantly. Bookless in Baghdad: On Writing and Writers. Shashi Tharoor, Author. Arcade $25 (p) ISBN

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But I shall touch on points that I think will bqghdad you want to read this. Worse, they are pompous, self-indulgent, and annoyingly serious in tone. He kept me engrossed for hours together and by the end of the day, I was craddling it in my arms as I slept. But this book’s topics—as well as the author’s liberal use of culture-specific shorthand—would seem to make it primarily of interest to the Anglophone Indian community.

I give it four stars, because at times, the prose gets redundant, opulent and disconnected from reality. These are self-defeating defenses of his works, but something that can be excused on account of his ability to do them in such subtle manner. Some of the essays were not of particular interest for me but over all it’s a joyful read for anyone who love books and want to go on a bumpy ride of the reading world with This book booklesx Mr.

Tharoor affirms that one can be patriotic and secular at the same time. Thanks you Tharoor – for giving me a flash back into every single phase of an enthusiastic Indian reader’s life!

That is certainly true of Tharoor. Open Preview See a Problem? I w I was moved to the edge of kicking myself for not reading it before! View Full Version of PW. After reading on the jacket that this is another compilation of his articles written for various newspapers and magazines I was ready to be bombarded with more and less the same anecdotes and ideas that have dominated his articles and books in the past.


One is aware that he has constantly stolen time from his busy schedules to write all his books — most of which have won rave reviews. As I expected, they are analytical, at times provocative, at times deeply personal and certainly with a liberal sprinkling of humour and sarcasm.

Refresh and try again. Jun 13, Kanika Sisodia rated it really liked it.

Bookless in Baghdad – Wikipedia

Writing, Reading, criticism, book-reviews, musings – this book is a joyride if u like Tharoor’s elegance, wit and irreverence. Jun 15, Ram rated it really liked it. Nov 19, MI rated it it was amazing. This was the first time I read any of Shashi Tharoor’s work. An excellent, provocative and thoughtful set of essays on different aspects of personal and professional encounters with literature. He expounds on topics like literary criticism and reviewing patterns.

Bookless in Baghdad: Reflections on Writing and Writers by Shashi Tharoor

Could have enjoyed more had it been less self referring. Being an ardent reader of Rushdie it was interesting to know how years of exile and his temporary appearances, the fact that Wodehouse is still enjoyed by people at large.

Un was with my mother for this huge prize-selection trip for her college students which required us to stay in a bookshop all day long. The intellectual elitism and the accompanying lifestyle that perfectly complimented bookldss all these years while he worked for the United Nations started to stick out like a sore thumb in his new role. Discover what to read next. A four-point guide to enjoying Bookless in Baghdad: Thanks for the fab language used by Mr.


Something about his writing was intriguing. Despairing one day and seeking refuge from a thunderstorm, he found himself in a dank, musty cave. Of course, that haghdad needs to be kept somewhat separate from his credentials as an author. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Bookless in Baghdad

To tell you the truth, I haven’t imagined you to be much of a writer. He analyses Wodehouse’s popularity in India when elsewhere in the English speaking world, he is no longer much read. The Great Indian Novel baghsad currently in its 28th edition in India and his newest volume. Overall, the book left me, in the authors words, ‘both amused and bemused’ For colonialism gave us a literature that did not spring from our own environment, and whose characters, concerns, and situations bore no relation to our own lives.

This article does not cite any sources. His knowledge of all things literary is astounding.

If the stories were alien, we weren’t alienated; they were to be read and enjoyed, not mined for relevance. His wisdom as a writer is shared in the essays, too, which are priceless to any writer, especially Indian. In any case a true literary enthusiast can be sniffed out only by another — that unique breed that can’t pass a bookstore without entering it. As the cover says, this is a collection of writings on writers.